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I’m curious about this, because I heard fantasy radio talking about revenge games today.

Do you buy into the “revenge game” hype?

Player X now played for team Y and the coaches are going to stick it to them by feeding player X.

Do we think it matters? Does a player play better against his former team out of spite/showing off/something to prove? Do coaches cater towards these players to get them the ball more?

Week 4 Revenge games… let me know if there’s any more.

Ridley Vs Atlanta
Theilen Vs Minnesota
Zeke Vs Dalls
and Yes.

I've had the good fortune to know three former NFL players on a personal level,all three were all-pro at some point in their careers and this topic came up
in conversations with them. Yes it matters to the player. Yes players tend or at least try to play their best against a former team and yes coaches are aware of this
and will "feed" the ball to a player IF he is having a productive game. So for what it's worth,Zeke,Thielen and Ridley may be solid plays this week.
Players are always looking for little things to motivate them for games. Its just what they do, press clippings or where they were drafted, whatever reason they can find to pump themselves up.

Does it matter? Not that much in my opinion, they need to find ways to be motivated no matter what those things may be.

Tom Brady was motivated every game for how late he was picked. He would have been motivated to beat the Patriots for the same reason if they hadnt finally picked him.
I’ve got Winston vs TB. And I’m debating that over Daniel Jones. The revenge factor has popped into my mind so I’m considering it. Good topic question.
Matt Gay vs. LAR
Mecole Hardman vs. KC
Trent Sherfield vs. MIA
Jake Funk vs. LAR

That’s all the remaining ones I can find. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I could see using this as a tie breaker if nothing else is tipping ones decision between players. Likely one of the last tie breakers I would consider compared to match ups or other things.

It gets more exposure for the narrative angle of it than other things do.

Thielen for example is a good start because the Vikings defense stinks and he knows what their defensive calls are perhaps more than he does other teams. Those are bigger factors than revenge in my view.

Thielen is motivated in every game as he got cut and wants to prove he isn't washed up. This one isn't really any different as far as that goes in my opinion. I am sure he feels grateful for the opportunity the Vikings gave him to become the player he has been and the money he has made. Im sure he is also very good friends with many players still on the Vikings team. But sure there will be an extra chip on his shoulder to show out in this game.
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Cedric Benson came back and humbled Chicago. Brett Favre was 2-0 with 7TD to 1INT in his first two games back against the Packers.

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