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10+ Offensive Linemen projected 1st Round '24 Draft...they ain't all gonna make it (1 Viewer)

Ministry of Pain

You can scan a lot of Draft hype sites and analysis, you'll find a lot of people in different slots but largely there are about 12-15 names that could possibly be selected in the 1st round, especially when we get to the back half, some great prospects and also some that come with a lot of questions and yet are still getting 1st round grades.

-We can go back and forth but the OL and their ability to gain yards in the money games, their ability to pass block and hold their blocks just a little longer to allow pass plays to develop, this is where a lot of games and titles are won and lost.

OT1 - Joe Alt, he might not actually be the first name off the board at Tackle but by and large he is the highest ranked over several sites of any OT in the Draft. In other Drafts with less QB prospects, he would likely be discussed as a Top 3-5 pick. Notre Dame doesn't diminish his appeal either.

OT2/3/4 - Fuaga, Fashanu and Fautanu, at least a couple of these guys must hail from Hawaii or have roots there. I can't actually tell you the difference between the 3 of them, I just know they all seem to go within a few picks of the other and they can't all be home runs. I'm nervous that Miami is going to take an OT in the 1st round, my hope is they trade back since there are so. many OL in the 1st round, no reason to reach. We can slice and dice these 3 names, some of you might have strong feelings for one over the other but since I can barely get an OL thread off the ground leading up to Week 1 kick off, my guess is most folks don't look twice at most of these names

OT5/6 - JC Latham and Amarius Mims, I'm sure there are strong OL coming out of Bama and Georgia but the problem is more recently we've seen many busts and it makes one pause that perhaps there are so many good athletes in these programs that we overshoot what a single player can actually contribute when they really don't have to do much most weeks to notch a win when you play for such prestiges programs.

I've seen Mims linked to Miami, scary IMHO. That's not where I want the resources poured when there could possibly be names like Dejean and Newton on the board at No 21 overall. Furthermore I prefer a couple names we haven't discussed yet.

OC/OG - Jackson Powers-Johnson, he's really a true Center but he has a terrific football IQ, not afraid to mix it up and get dirty inside, I like him plenty after 25 names have come off the board, he's probably as good IOL as Torrence was coming out of Florida last season.

T/G/C - Graham Barton is a very versatile OL that played Tackle a lot but can easily slide to an IOL in the NFL. Barton appears very open to simply finding a starting spot, that's the sign of a team player.

OT7 - Tyler Guyton, has a total of 14 starts in college...PASS!

OC- Zach Frazier, Decorated HS wrestler, like 2x state champ, guy can maul inside and would be a force for running the football.

I can go thru the '22 and '23 Draft classes, the '22 class was pretty rough, a couple decent names but overall pretty rough. Tyler Smith at No 24 for Dallas has been the best contributor of the bunch so far.
Last year was more steady with all 5 first round picks making anywhere from 14 to a full 17 starts on the OL, that was instant production. Peter Skoronski and Broderick Jones did struggle at times.
But O'Cyrus Torrence at No 59 overall by Buffalo, one of the steals of the drafts so far.

We know all 10 of these names are not likely to go in the 1st, any of them falling into the 2nd round will factor in to overall value. It's clear I feel the value is with JPJ/Zach at Center and Graham Barton. Most of the rest outside of the very top feel like a gamble.
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As usual, the OL threads get almost no conversation going and yet they impact the ability of all skill positions to achieve their best.
Incredible how things never change...
I really like the top center’s this year. This position has the lowest draft bust rate as well.

Hoping Cowboys go best Center available.

Also agree on Guyton.
I really like the top center’s this year. This position has the lowest draft bust rate as well.

Hoping Cowboys go best Center available.

Also agree on Guyton.
Creed Humphrey
2.63 in the '21 Draft and has been the guy for the Chiefs for a couple years now including B2B Super Bowls, dude was an incredible selection

Year 4 of his rookie deal, time for KC to pay up or let him go and try again.
Zach Frazier is the guy I keep going back to. Has guard/center versatility and was a two-time All-American and a member of the Freshman All-American team. He also has a wrestling background that helps him win battles on the line. Projected to go late first or early to mid 2nd round.
I've got 8 OL going round 1 myself. I think its really unlikely Frazier goes round 1, and I think Guyton is enough of a project that he makes it to round 2.

I will say Fuaga, Fautanu, and Fashanu couldn't be further apart as prospects. Fuaga is a mauler who likely isn't playing LT and may play G. Fautanu is more a finesse player with great athleticism who could probably play any spot on the OL, and Fashanu is more your true LT prospect with size/speed but is probably the rawest of the bunch.

Personally, with the exception of LB (huge Payton Wilson fan) I don't think there is a bigger dropoff from #1 to #2 at any position than OT. I think Alt is about as can't miss as it gets. Possibly the best T prospect since Sewell, and like Sewell will probably fall too far in the draft due to QB desperation.
I am happy with the Bengals snagging Mims given they have two other behemoth tackles who have good careers for him to learn from. Boom bust pick one the boom can be great.

Very different from the linemen we have drafted (and mostly failed with) in previous years - much more athletic profile.


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