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10 team dynasty expanding to 12 teams... (1 Viewer)


10 team dynasty league that is going to be expanding to 12 teams. I am unsure how we should handle the transition. We have 20 man rosters.

I was thinking something along the lines of having owners "bucket" the players in groups of 4 and label them by number, 1-5. Group 1 is totally protected. The expansion teams could pick from a "bucket" and once a player is picked, the owner of that team could protect 2 of the remaining 3 players in that bucket.

I am looking for the most fair method of expanding the league. Your thoughts are most appreciated!

Expansion is fun, but don't sweat too much helping the new teams out the first year. They are meant to struggle...thats part of the process. It'll be their privelege to join your league and take their lumps and getting beat up every week the first year or two will make it all the more rewarding when they finally start to win.....so give them the hard sell on that if you havent already. To pass along some experience as to how we did it with our league 5 or 6 years ago, and I was one of the expansion teams, we kept it simple. Ours is not a full blown 'dynasty', but rather a large keeper. We keep either 6, 7 or 8 players every year, and rotate the number from season to season. So the year I came in, each team just had to decide 1 week before the draft which 7 players theyd be keeping, and everyone one else was left unprotected. The two expansion owners flipped a coin, and the winner got to choose WHICH #1 pick he'd have....either expansion draft top pick, or top overall in the real draft. The week before, in the expansion draft, the two teams loaded up their 7 keeper rosters, and readied for the real draft. Like I said, it was rather simple. In your case, I think Id make a one year exception with the # of players you keep on your dynasties, which would obviously need to be voted on for approval, and reduce your total keepers to something like 12 or 15 and make everyone else unprotected with no exception. It would be a nice change for your league probably to each throw some of your lesser players back in the pool for a draft anyway. But it would give the 2 expansion owners a fighting chance to alteast pick up some prospects or decent veterans that can help them right away, and it would force your other owners to make some hard line calls and who they deem most valuable. This is a simple and easy way to approach it, but you and your boys may like things a little more complex and you can set up 'groups' or 'tiers' of unprotected guys or obviously fly in any direction you want with it, but Ive found over the years it's much easier to get a large group of guys to buy into something thats laid out rather simply, than to overcomplicate the process. Any way you slice it and dice and set up the system to break in the newbies, theyre going to struggle early. I did make the playoffs my first year as an expansion owner, but like I said that was with the other 10 owners only keeping 7, and I was leaning on some undervalued veterans like Leroy Hoard, Terry Allen and James Stewart. Ah, how sweet it was to win those guys. It took me two years to bring along guys like Shaun Alexander and Daunte Culpepper, but they'll do the same. Anyway, I hope this little bit helps, and if I can throw any other feedback your way, Ill check back on your post here and be interested to see how it works out.

I commish a 10 team dynasty league and tried this about 3 years ago. I could not find away to make if fair for the 2 new owners and the current 10 owners

Expansion draft guidelines:

1. Each current Owner will have to leave three of his players unprotected for the expansion draft. These three players can be at any position.

2. The expansion Owner will have the opportunity of taking one unprotected player from each current team to be on his roster. Each current Owner will only lose one player in the draft.

3. The rest of the players the expansion Owner will select from will come from the free agent pool.

4. The expansion Owner must select at least 9 players and not take more than 24 (in-season) and 26 (off-season). He can take as many as he chooses as long as he stays between those two numbers.

Edited to say that I just proposed a rule change where the 3 unprotected players cannot be a kicker or defense, and can only have 1 TE.

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I saw this same senario played out in a league a couple of years ago. The solution was simple ( as SoloMatisse suggested it should be) fairly painless and completely fair to the established teams.

First all current teams were allowed to protect 10 players. Then the 2 new teams took turns drafting unprotected players (either from current teams or current free agents) incoming rookies were "protected" (this expansion draft was held after the NFL draft).

One stipulation was that no current owner could lose more than 3 unprotected players. The 2 new teams drafted 15 players each. Then at what is normally a rookie draft they hold every year, all teams were allowed to draft either rookies or any NFL player not on someones roster. All teams participated in this draft until they had 25 players on their rosters. Then they are required to trim their rosters to 20 players by week 1 of regular season.

If you want to make a balance i would have each team send in their best linup and protect all of them. Then each team can protect 1 other player,any position. Then the new teams can pick any players left.Max of one off each team. He should do OK. If its much less the new teams will be 0-14.


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