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Commish Corner - What to do with the final week of the NFL season (1 Viewer)

Keith R

The Don
Some of us have championships in Week 18, most do not. I don't care to revisit that debate here.

What is true is that either all or most FFL teams have nothing to do during the final week. Are there any worthwhile ways to get a little action for Week 18 aside from DFS?

One (non-dynasty) league I'm in has a Free-For-All for Week 18. Each team puts together a starting lineup and in essence faces every other team. The highest scoring team wins the right to switch draft position with the lowest-scoring team. Relatively low stakes but just enough on the line to keep everyone interested. This could involve every team if your championship has already been played, or just the teams not involved in a meaningful game if your title game is set for Week 18.
Never really thought about it before but after a brain briefstorm (did I say that right...?), how about all the non-champion teams somehow vote on an all-star starting lineup from among all of those teams, and in week 18 the champion faces the all-stars for a "super-title". The scores would probably have to be summed manually. No prize money, just a little bonus asterisk on his championship season. I imagine it would be somewhat rare for the champion to win it.
If you play a playoff fantasy game, consider this a bye week. Enjoy the games and scout your potential roster for next week. Just my .02.
I’ve been in leagues where each division puts together an all star team and high score wins.
Others with the weekly high score making a little money.

In two leagues now, one where week 18 has nothing. The other has the weekly prize and a two week Super Bowl - combine scores for week 17 and 18.
We do a winner take all $25 high score… adjust accordingly based on your high stakes fees… keeps it mildly interesting
We do two things.

Have done a free-for-all for years with the highest scorer takes home some prize money. Not a lot but still something to play for.

Two years ago I introduced a probowl to all of my leagues. In leagues where I have 4 divisions the division winner picks players from the teams in his division to create a legal lineup. In leagues where there are no divisions I separate out the teams into two sides and the top team from side A picks his team and the top from side B picks his team.

There are minimum requirements such as each team must be represented equally.

I was able to code this in MFL so no work on my part after it was coded.

Again for prize money divided amongst the high scoring pro bowl teams. It's been a hit and it's fun to see guys get upset when one of their stud players gets left off the probowl team because one of the lesser teams must be represented

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