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1pm - Vincent Jackson [Q] - WR, TB - Active (1 Viewer)

NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reports Vincent Jackson (leg) expects to play Sunday against the Bills.
Jackson is a quick healer. He'll go through a pregame workout, but all indications are that he'll suit up despite being listed as questionable. Jackson is on the back end of the WR1 radar this week against a leaky Buffalo secondary.
Vincent Jackson is active for Week 14 against the Bills.
This was fully expected despite V-Jax's questionable tag with a hamstring tweak. The Bucs' Week 14 inactives are CB Deveron Carr, FB Lonnie Pryor, S Bradley McDougald, LB Danny Lansanah, G Patrick Omameh, G Carl Nicks, and DT Gary Gibson.


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