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2013 FBG Offense/Defense contest week 2 (1 Viewer)


Free contest and the rules are simple. You pick one offense and one defense each week and your score will be the offensive point total minus the defensive point total. Say this week you pick Redskins offense and Indy defense. The Redskins win 24-20 and Indy wins 20-17. Your score would be 7 (24 minus 17). The catch is you can only choose each team once on offense and once on defense. Scores will accumulate each week; if you don't pick, you'll get 0. You can change picks before your games start by submitting a new post with 'CHANGE' at the top.

If you missed last week, jump right in and you'll be ahead of some of us.

Nugget 21 NE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, KC,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Man of Zen 18 DAL,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, TB,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Goober and Bean 13 HOU,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, TB,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
adrenaline 11 WAS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, PIT,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
renesauz 10 WAS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, IND,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
skinny post 8 HOU,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, CLE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Riffraff 6 NE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, IND,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Bankerguy 6 NE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, IND,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Pantherz 6 NE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, IND,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Go Blue 6 NE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, IND,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
dagwood 6 NE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, IND,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
QuizGuy66 6 NE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, IND,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
FUBAR 5 NE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, TB,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
placebo 5 NO,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, TB,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
kutta 5 NE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, TB,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
bro1ncos 5 NO,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, TB,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
RedZone 5 NO,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, TB,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Obie Wan 5 NO,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, TB,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Das Boot 5 NO,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, TB,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
flipside 5 NE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, TB,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Genester 4 IND,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, IND,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Jewell 3 IND,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, TB,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Slugg 3 IND,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, TB,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
RLHIV 3 IND,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, TB,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
by_the_sea_wannabe 3 IND,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, TB,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Donnybrook 3 WAS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, STL,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Husker Power 3 IND,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, TB,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Brakiss 0 IND,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, NE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
cdwood 0 NE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, CLE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
mosesberg -1 NE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, STL,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Maggot Brain -1 ATL,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, TB,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
montana_grizzly_bears -1 ATL,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, TB,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Fever in the Funkhouse -1 NE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, DET,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
mbrasi -1 ATL,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, TB,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
valhallan -3 IND,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, STL,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
ShutdwnStrngr -3 IND,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, STL,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
djjosee -8 PIT,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, IND,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
teamramrod -12 IND,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, WAS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
tarheel1unc -14 PIT,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, CLE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Week 2 games:

NY Jets at New England

St. Louis at Atlanta
Carolina at Buffalo
Minnesota at Chicago
Washington at Green Bay
Miami at Indianapolis
Dallas at Kansas City
Cleveland at Baltimore
Tennessee at Houston
San Diego at Philadelphia
Detroit at Arizona
New Orleans at Tampa Bay
Jacksonville at Oakland
Denver at NY Giants
San Francisco at Seattle

Pittsburgh at Cincinnati

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cdwood 0 NE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, CLE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Week #2:

Offence: Denver

Defence: Cincinnati

Total: +3

Offense Used: IND

Defense Used: TB


Week 2

Offense: Green Bay

Defense: New England

Edited to change D to New England.

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