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2014 RSP and Post-Draft Update Now Available for Download (1 Viewer)

As a first time buyer, and re-draft only, I was highly interested to support Matt and see what the RSP was all about. To be honest, it was a bit too much for my (p)re-draft purposes. I do appreciate reading about the incoming rookie class and getting to know more players than the handful I was able to watch. I am really looking forward to the post draft article, as I think this will be the part that is most helpful for me.

Matt does a great job with his detailed write up and for any dynasty owners I would suggest purchasing it for the 20 bucks. As a re-draft owner I'm not sure yet. For any other re-drafter owners out there, I'll write back with thoughts after reading the post draft write up.

Matt - two items...

First, I think your website is down. I get a "500 Internal Server Error" when I try to access it.

Second, any idea when the post-draft RSP will come out? I have one of my rookie drafts this Saturday, so would love it if it's possible for you to get it out by then obviously.


Matt sent me an email at about 2:00am to upload the PDF and update the download page, so I guess maybe he's still sleeping? I'll be the bearer of good news since he hasn't posted yet… Post-Draft RSP is up!

Login and download from same spot you got the RSP: http://www.mattwaldman.com

The 2014 Rookie Scouting Portfolio Post-Draft Add-On is ready for download. If you're in a dynasty league, the combination of the 2014 RSP and the RSP Post-Draft will have you prepared for this year and beyond. Want details? Need details? I have 'em right here:

  • 84 pages
  • How to use the RSP and RSP-Post Draft together
  • Overrated/Underrated
  • Good/Bad post-draft fits
  • UDFAs to watch
  • Long-term dynasty waiver wire gems
  • Strategic overview of 2014 rookie drafts
  • Tiered Value Chart Cheat Sheet across all positions
  • Post-Draft rankings analysis and commentary--including notes about impending contracts years of competition on the depth charts
  • Average Draft Position (ADP) Data of 19 dynasty drafts
  • RSP Ranking-to-ADP Value Data
  • Raw Data Worksheets to continue calculating additional ADP data for future drafts
Take a video tour of the 2013 post-draft to see what I mean.

Seriously, this analysis is worth the price of the 2014 RSP package alone, but you get this as a part of your purchase with the 2014 RSP. Remember 10 percent of each sale is donated to Darkness to Light to prevent sexual abuse in communities across the United States.

Download the 2014RSP and RSP Post-Draft here

Man the post draft RSP is the ####. I've been able to snag Richardson at the end of the 3rd in my early drafts. Probably going to change now. Glad you echo the sentiment though.

Matt, the RSP is awesome as always. You've certainly helped me to finish in the money in my dynasty leagues the past 5 years. More often than not, I move my 1st round pick and then just grab your under the radar guys in the 3rd round or FA. 5 years in and can't complain.


As a first time buyer, I am really satisfied. I traded down and got awesome value. Managed to get Paul Richardson in the third round (38th overall). D.Adams 22th overall.

If you are in dynasty league, I highly recommend you get the RSP.

Now if only Jene would do the RSP-IDP version.... :)

Matt, does the RSP help at all for redraft leagues?
That being said, how many rookies played a big role in redraft last year? Enough to be worth $20? That's up to you.
In redraft, I took his top ranked rookies (based on the post-draft RSP), a couple in mid-rounds (Lacy, Gio) and a couple very late (Corderelle, Keenan Allen). It helped me quite a bit.
This may be too delayed a sort of gratification, but I've found that any year's RSP will be very helpful two to three years down the road in identifying potential breakout candidates. I play primarily dynasty, but a much broader knowledge base regarding up and coming players has really helped me dominate the few redraft leagues in which I still play.

Hey Matt......In your gut check articles you mention your projections several times. Where exactly can we find the complete list?

Thanks :^ )

Hey Matt - 3rd year in a row I've purchased and read your rdp and post draft rsp. Nice work bud

Question: now that we have seen the preseason playing out for a several weeks, what rookie players have you changed your opinions on since writing the post draft rsp?

Kelvin Benjamin?

Devante freeman?

Any others at all? Thanks in advance!

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No change on Freeman. Benjamin I'd bump a bit, but look at my overall rankings at FBGs and you'll see where I have them here. Latimer is even with Beckham now that Welker is banged up.

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