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2023 Defense Scheme Change Thread (1 Viewer)


Could use a thread to talk scheme changes/potential changes, I'll start with With the hiring of Brian Flores for the Minny DC position:

Any takes on if they will go back to a traditional 4-3 scheme or stay with the 3-4 that OConnell seems to prefer and wanted the previous DC to implement? Flores likes to blitz alot so will be intersting to see how the IDP's there are affected and who benefits.
New DC for Hou, although it is possible Demeco Ryans calls the plays, and used a 3-4 defense last year:

Here is the current list that seemed to be updated with the Burke hire:

Burke coordinated a 4-3 in Miami in 2018. I expect that defense to look like the 49ers' too the extent practicable.

Flores's defense will look similar to his hybrid Dolphins' defense, but I think it'll be somewhat less aggressive with more coverage shells. It was interesting to see Mike Tomlin, Teryl Austin, and Flores evolve the Steelers' defense a bit last year.

Jordan Hicks is that big loser here. He's a two-down player in Flores's scheme. Both teams badly need a couple hog mollies.
I think Hicks was destined to be the big loser regardless of who they hired. His playing time shrank as the year went on and Brian Asamoah was drafted to be a starter. He's a more complete/athletic linebacker. The question with Flores is will he leave anyone at LB on the field full time or will it be an LB by committee like it was in Miami?

I'm not sure what to expect from the Texans. Ryans played in a 4-3 and the 49ers were more 4-3 based. Burke comes from a 3-4 base scheme but has 4-3 in his background.

The days of identifying defenses as 3-4 or 4-3 are pretty much in the past. It seems like almost everyone is running some form of hybrid/multi-front scheme these days. The time has come to stop using DE and OLB as positions and start designating them as edge defenders and interior linemen.
Young Hire in AIZ:

Cardinals hired Eagles LBs coach Nick Rallis as defensive coordinator.​

An up-and-comer on coach Nick Sirianni's star-studded staff, Rallis has decided to follow Jonathan Gannon to the desert. At only 29 years old, Rallis will be the youngest coordinator, defensive or otherwise, in the entire league. A 2017 undrafted free agent out of Minnesota, Rallis immediately entered the coaching ranks. After one year at Wake Forest, he's been in the NFL since 2018, and Philadelphia since 2021. It's a gamble, but teams have been rewarded for going bold and young in the Sean McVay era.
SOURCE: Tom Pelissero on Twitter
Feb 19, 2023, 12:09 AM ET

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