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2nd half breakout TE (1 Viewer)

Eagle Eye

Who is he?

With TE production hard to come by this year there's bound to be a guy or 2 who step up to become legitimate starts down the stretch.

My 2 possibilities:

Marcedes Lewis. 2 nice games in a row...gaining the trust of Garrard. Weak WRs competing for touches.

Alge Crumpler. The talent is there but we haven't seen it yet. Collins loves to throw to his TEs. Also weak WRs, but Scaife is getting looks at TE also.

Looking for opinions on these guys and/or additions to the list.

I'm rolling with Zach Miller. He's their best receiving option right now, and should see enough targets. I've been burned by M Lewis before. Yeah, two decent weeks of fantasy points, but last week was only 1 catch. I would expect Miller to get at least 3 and up to 6 or 7 in a game, which I don't think will happen with Lewis.

I toyed with LJ Smith as well, he was enough of a talent to have the franchise tag put on him and has the history of performing, but they seem to have more targets in philly now, and he's the odd man out.


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