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3rd place games (1 Viewer)


Since there's a thread for 1st/2nd place games, I figured there should be a thread for those of us fighting for a scrap of dignity (3rd place). Did you win? Did you lose? If not, what do you need?

I'm up by 27 (no thanks to Peterson). He has Toomer and Jennings left. I think I have a decent chance of winning.

3rd place here - got 5 c-notes!

I had the highest score of the week and would have won the whole damn thing if I got by last week.

Oh well, see ya nexy year.

not sure if I'm going to win either. I'm going against 4 packers (why yes, he is a freakin' homer, why do you ask?) with a 40 point lead, and I don't think it's going to be enough.


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