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4 WRs - 3 receiving TDs in 1 week (1 Viewer)


Jerricho Cotchery - what, huh?


Andre Johnson - 1st time EVER.

T.Y Hilton.

I can't remember that happening before in the NFL

I was actually surprised at AJ first time ever.

There have been some monster games by individuals this season...just seems more than usual to me.

According to pro-football-reference.com, it's the first time (since 1960) that there have been four different players with 3+ receiving TDs on the same day. Four times there were three players who did it on the same day:

9/17/1989 - Henry Ellard, Roy Green, Keith Jackson

11/9/1969 - Fred Biletnikoff, Bob Trumpy, Gene Washington

12/1/1968 - Lance Alworth, Don Maynard, Wendell Tucker

11/6/1960 - Raymond Berry, Tommy McDonald, Sonny Randle

Looks like it's been done once before; Thanksgiving Week 2004, where Harrison and Stokely did it in the Thursday game (poor Lions), and Jerry Porter and Steve Heiden scored 3 on Sunday.

There have been a number of 3x3TD weeks, dating back at least as far as 1960, with Raymond Berry, Tommy Macdonald, and Sonny Randle all doing it on 11/6/1960.

Hoping to make it 5 this week with Alshon Jeffery. Please....

But yeah, pretty wild week. Unfortunately don't own any of those guys, but luckily didn't play against any of them this week. By looking at the scores in my league this morning, there are sure to be a lot of upset owners though.

I honestly believe if Andre Johnson didn't have to play with David Carr and Matt Schaub over his entire career he'd challenge Rice's records.

Had ty and aj on one team. Set the season high score this week
Had a guy in my PPR league who started Foles, AJ and TY Hilton. And for good measure, he had Chris Johnson and Gronk as well.

Needless to say… records were shattered.


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