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Fourth Round

102 San Francisco Bojang0301 - Craphonso Thorpe WR FSU

103 Cleveland pmcdade - Darrell Shropshire NT SC

104 Miami Dolfan - Michael Roos OT EWU

105 Oakland radballs - Al Fincher LB UCONN

106 Chicago RBM

107 Tampa Bay football jones

108 Tennessee Atomic Punk

109 Dallas EMPTY

110 New York Giants EMPTY

111 Arizona gopanthers17

112 Washington AWT22

113 Detroit loser

114 Houston coolnerd

115 Carolina webraider

116 Washington (from Kansas City - Rod Gardner)ATW22

117 St. Louis Arrowhead Nation

118 New Orleans valhallan

119 Cincinnati Kleck

120 Tennesse (from Minnesota)Atomic Punk

121 Seattle friday frenzy

122 Buffalo

123 Jacksonville

124 Baltimore

125 Green Bay

126 Seattle (from Denver thru Clev)

127 New York Jets

128 Atlanta

129 Indianapolis

130 San Diego

131 Pittsburgh

132 Philadelphia

133 New England

134 St. Louis (COMP)

135 Indianapolis (COMP)

136 Tennessee (COMP)

Fifth Round

137 San Francisco

138 Miami

139 Cleveland

140 Chicago

141 Tampa Bay

142 Tennessee

143 Green Bay (from Oakland)

144 Tampa Bay (from New York Giants thru San Diego)

145 New England (from Arizona)

145 Philadelphia (from Washington)

147 Kansas City (from Detroit)

148 Dallas

149 Washinton (from Carolina)

150 Kansas City

151 Houston

152 New Orleans

153 Cincinnati

154 Arizona (from Minnesota)

155 St. Louis

156 Buffalo

157 Jacksonville

158 Baltimore

159 Seattle

160 Atlanta (from Denver)

161 New York Jets

162 Kansas City (from Green Bay)

163 Atlanta

164 San Diego

165 Indianapolis

166 Pittsburgh

167 Philadelphia

168 Arizona (from New England)

169 Carolina (COMP)

170 New England (COMP)

171 Carolina (COMP)

172 Philadelphia (COMP)

173 Indianapolis (COMP)

174 San Francisco (COMP)


First round

1 San Francisco Bojang0301 - Alex Smith QB UTAH

2 Miami Dolfan - Aaron Rogers QB CAL

3 Cleveland pmcdade - Derrick Johnson LB TEX

4 Chicago RBM - Mike Williams WR USC

5 Tampa Bay football jones - Ronnie Brown RB AUB

6 Tennessee Atomic Punk - Adam "Pac Man" Jones

7 Minnesota (from Oakland) tietzjd - Cedric Benson RB TEX

8 Arizona gopanthers - Antrel Rolle CB UM17

9 Washington ATW22 - Braylon Edwards WR MICH

10 Detroit loser - Alex Barron OT FSU

11 Dallas Urinal Mint - Shawn Merriman DE MARY

12 San Diego (from NY Giants) bicycle seat sniffer - Marcus Spears DE LSU

13 Houston coolnerd - Carnell Williams RB AUB

14 Baltimore (from Carolina) FunkyPlutos - Troy Williamson WR SC

15 Kansas City -OZ- - David Pollack DE UGA

16 New Orleans valhallan - Carlos Rogers - CB AUB

17 Cincinnati Kleck - Shaun Cody DT USC

18 Minnesota tietzjd - Mark Clayton WR OU

19 St. Louis Arrowhead Nation - Jamaal Brown OT OU

20 Dallas (from Buffalo) Urinal Mint - Channing Crowder LB FU

21 Jacksonville IndyHavoc - Heath Miller TE UVA

22 Carolina (from Baltimore)WebRaider - Travis Johnson DT FSU

23 Seattle fridayfrenzy - Erasmus James DE WIS

24 Green Bay Diablo - Anttaj Hawthorne DT WIS

25 Denver beef - Thomas Davis S UGA

26 New York Jets mole - Justin Miller CB CLEM

27 Atlanta cochies - Brodney Pool S OU

28 San Diego bicycle seat sniffer - Roddy White WR UAB

29 Indianapolis ColtsFreak - Marlin Jackson CB MICH

30 Pittsburgh Evilgrin - David Baas OG/C MICH

31 Philadelphia chaos - Khalif Barnes OT WU

32 New England jgb95 - Odell Thurman ILB UGA

Second round

33 San Francisco - Dan Cody DE OU

34 Cleveland - Charlie Frye QB AKRON

35 Philadelphia (from Miami) chaos - Demarcus Ware OLB/DE Troy St.

36 Tampa Bay football jones - Matt Jones WR/TE ARK

37 Minnesota (from Tennessee) tietzjd - Kevin Burnett LB TENN

38 Oakland radballs - Matt Roth DE IOWA

39 Indianapolis (from Chicago for EDGE) Coltsfreak - Daryl Blackstock LB UVA

40 New Orleans (from Washington) valhallan - Josh Bullocks S STAN

41 Detroit loser - Justin Tuck DE ND

42 Dallas VOTED - Corey Webster CB LSU

43 New York Giants mole - Marcus Johnson OG Ole Miss

44 Tennesse (from Minnesota (thru Arizona (M. Bennett) Atomic Punk - Adam Terry OT SYR

45 Carolina webraider - Elton Brown OG UVA

46 Miami (from Kansas City (Surtain)) Dolfan - Barrett Ruud LB NEB

47 Houston coolnerd - Luis Catillo DT NW

48 Cincinnati Kleck - Robert McCune LB LOU

49 Minnesota tietzjd - Mike Nugent K OSU

50 St. Louis Arrowhead Nation - Fabian Washington CB NEB

51 Green Bay (from New Orleans) Diablo - Adrain McPherson QB FSU

52 Jacksonville IndyHavoc - Brandon Browner - CB OSU

53 Baltimore FunkyPlutos - Chris Spencer C Ole Miss

54 Seattle fridayfrenzy - Ciatrick Fason RB FU

55 Buffalo Aaron Rudnicki - CJ Mosley DT MIZZ

56 Denver beef - JJ Arrington RB CAL

57 New York Jets mole - Alex Smith TE STAN

58 Green Bay Diablo - Ernest Shazor S MICH

59 Atlanta cochise - Chris Henry WR WVU

60 Indianapolis ColtsFreak - Marion Barber III RB MINN

61 San Diego bicycle_seat_sniffer - Donte Nicholson S OU

62 Pittsburgh evilgrin - Chris Canty DE UVA

63 Philadelphia chaos - Mike Patterson DT USC

64 New England jgb95 - Bryant McFadden CB FSU

Third Round

65 San Francisco bojang0301 - Chris Colmer OT NCS

66 St. Louis (from Miami) Arrowhead Nation - Vincent Jackson WR CST

67 Cleveland pmcade - Jeremy Parquet OT NCS

68 Tennessee Atomic Punk - Reggie Brown WR UGA

69 Oakland radballs - Jordan Beck LB Cal Poly

70 Miami (from Chicago) Dolfan - Vernand Morency RB Okla State

71 Tampa Bay football jones - Ben Wilkerson C LSU

72 Detroit loser - Jason Campbell QB AUB

73 Houston (from Dallas) coolnerd - Michael Boley LB SMU

74 New York Giants EMPTY - Atiyyah Ellison DT MIZZ

75 Arizona gopanthers17 - Andrew Walters QB ASU

76 Carolina (from Washington) webraider - Fred Gibson WR UGA

77 Philadelphia (from Kansas City) chaos - Eric Shelton RB LOU

78 Houston coolnerd - Logan Mankins OT Fresno

79 Washington (from Carolina) ATW22 - Jovan Haye DE Vandy

80 Minnesota tietzjd - Chris Kemoeatu OG Utah

81 St. Louis Arrowhead Nation - Evan Mathis OG ALA

82 New Orleans valhallan - JR Russell WR LOU

83 Cincinnati Kleck - James Butler SS GT

84 Carolina (from Baltimore) tietzjd - Wesley Britt OT ALA

85 Seattle fridayfrenzy - Jason Brown C NC

86 Buffalo Aaron Rudnikci - Joel Dreesen TE CO ST

87 Jacksonville Indyhavoc - Michael Munoz - OT TENN

88 New York Jets EMPTY - Jonathan Babineaux DT IOWA

89 Green Bay Diablo - Antonio Perkins CB OU

Denver Forfeited pick

90 Atlanta cochise - Rian Wallace LB TEM

91 Tampa Bay (from San Diego) football jones- Ray Willis OG/OT FSU

92 Indianapolis Colts Freak - Jason Jefferson DT WIS

93 Pittsburgh Evilgrin - Jerome Mathis WR HAMP

94 Philadelphia Chaos - Mark Bradley WR OU

95 Arizona (from New England) gopanthers17 - Anthony Alabi OT TCU

96 Tennesse (COMP) Atomic Punk - Terrence Murphy WR TXAM

97 Denver (COMP) beef - Kevin Everett TE UM

98 Seattle (COMP) friday frenzy - Leroy Hill LB Clemson

99 Kansas City (COMP) -OZ- - Eric Green CB VT

100 New England (COMP) jgb95 - Adam Snyder OG ORE

101 Denver (COMP) beef - Ronald Bartell CB Howard

Here's the rules:

1. Draft will be 5 rounds.

2. With each selection please provide good commentary and list other players you considered with the pick.

3. Trades are allowed, you can trade players on your team for draft picks... If a real-life trade happens while our draft is in progress (Ex., Miami trades Patrick Surtain to the Chiefs for Kansas City's 2nd round pick), the draft board will be modified on a rolling basis. A trade involving a player must make SENSE for both teams and must be explained why each team is engaging in this deal.

4. There will be a 2 hour time limit on picks strictly enforced. The time-limit will be in effect from 10:00am EST to 6:00pm EST (7-3 on the west coast) Monday - Friday. Outside of those times, the timer is off. You can be granted a 1 hour extension if you are in trade talks with another team. But, you must check in to the thread during your 2 hour time limit to let us know that you are in trade talks AND the owner you are in trade talks with must also post saying that they are, in fact, attempting to make a move. You can wait until your pick (to see who has just been taken) to decide that you want to sollicit trade offers. Just post a message, "Looking for trades" when your pick comes up and as long as you find an interested owner within 2 hours, you can have the extension. However, at the end of your 1 hour extension, you must either trade your pick or make a selection. If you trade your pick, the owner moving into your spot will have a shortened 1 hour time limit to make their pick (as they should have had a player in mind when they moved up). If time expires and you have not made a selection, the 1st 5 votes from ANY FBG will decide your pick. You can go back and make your alternate selections at anytime after you get back.

5. Anything not covered here, just ask and I hope me or another FBG can help or point you in the right direction.

6. COMP picks CAN NOT be traded (NFL RULE)


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Can we get a master link to the 1,000s of mocks? ;)Oh, I'll take either the Chiefs or Lions, whichever is left after the other is gone.

For brevity's sake, I'd prefer 5 rounds. When will you be starting? If this starts tomorrow, I'm going to be out of the office and will gladly forfeit my Dallas team so someone else can play Virtual GM. :D

Are you guys interested in doing all 7 rounds or would you rather do 5 rounds?

Either way is fine with me.
For brevity's sake, I'd prefer 5 rounds. When will you be starting? If this starts tomorrow, I'm going to be out of the office and will gladly forfeit my Dallas team so someone else can play Virtual GM. :D

Are you guys interested in doing all 7 rounds or would you rather do 5 rounds?

Either way is fine with me.
Urinal Mint, I would be willing to assist you with picks that you are not available for... honestly despite selecting Justin Miller for the Cowboys at 1.20 ( I brain-farted and ignored the Anthony Henry signing ) I really do pay attention a lot.

If this starts on Thursday or late Wednesday (3PM CST) then I have no problem making selections.

The response has been great so far we still need a good number of GM's

I'd say we'd be starting on Thursday or late wednesday by the looks of it. But then again we might get a bunch of responses later today.

I'll keep you posted.
First trade - KC / Miami.Do I really have to say what it is? Despite my attempts to make it a larger deal, we've gone with the boring, but vital to each franchise, deal.

I vote for 5 rounds, things tend to peter out after awhile.If we are doubling up, I'll take another team ... preferably Oakland, NO or SD.


The Vikings trade RB M. Bennet and the 154th (5th Round) to the Cardinals for the 44th (2nd Round)
I agree
The Cardinals need a RB and Bennet is a proven guy. Trading for him can make them look elsewhere in the draft, such as CB where they are vulnerable. A second rounder for Bennet and a fifth is a good deal.

4 Chicago 5 Tampa Bay 16 New Orleans 17 Cincinnati 21 Jacksonville 22 Baltimore 23 Seattle 25 Denver 27 Atlanta Let's go folks. :excited:

Alright I'll do the 'Aints. I'd prefer no doubling up if possible and perhaps keep the pick explanations to a reasonable length, say 1 paragraph. The front page in the other draft was huge and tough to read because so people wrote novels. If you don't want a limit that's fine.. just thought I'd offer the suggestion.

If they're still on the block, I'll run GM for the Jags. I'm a one-off fan. Follow them pretty closely, and should be able to captain the ship well.


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