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A. Jeffery (@JAX) or J. Gordon (@BUF) (1 Viewer)

A. Jeffery (@JAX) or J. Gordon (@BUF)

  • A. Jeffery (@JAX)

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  • J. Gordon (@BUF)

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PPR League.

Really struggling with this one. Two bad matchups.

* A. Jeffery @JAX -- London game tmrw morning. Ramsey should shadow Jeffery, but the JAX secondary will be starting three other rookie CBs due to injury. Maybe that leads to more zone coverage. Wentz and Jeffery are clicking lately big time.


J. Gordon @BUF -- Another shadow situation as T. White should cover Gordon 1:1 on the perimeter. Gordon trending up, but will Brady really need to test this matchup against the lowly Bills? Could see a blowout and more running 2nd half.

Who would you roll with?


I prefer Gordon myself and am starting him in the two leagues I have him in. He’s getting more and more involved and is a stud and with Brady throwing to him to me is a no brainer. 

Pretty much a coin flip here. I guess I'd prefer Gordon as he's got an easier matchup and his team is likely to score more points. 


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