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Abraham traded to the Falcons (1 Viewer)


ESPN's Len Pasquarelli reports the Atlanta Falcons have consummated a much-rumored trade for New York Jets DE John Abraham. To complete the trade, the Falcons enlisted the aid of the Denver Broncos, who, ironically, had once been interested in Abraham themselves. Atlanta sent its first-round choice, the 15th pick overall in this year's draft, to Denver for the Broncos' first-round choice, No. 29 overall. The Falcons also picked up a pair of middle-round selections, one each in the 2006 and 2007 drafts. The Falcons then shipped the 29th pick acquired from Denver to the Jets in exchange for Abraham, a three-time Pro Bowl pass rusher who was also being sought by the Seattle Seahawks.

Andrea Adelson, of the Associated Press, reports the contract agreed to with the Atlanta Falcons by DE John Abraham is a six-year, $45 million deal, with about $18 million guaranteed. He will get $15.5 million in reporting and signing bonuses this year. "He's elated," said Abraham's agent, Rich Rosa. "He's very happy; he's got the long-term deal he's always wanted."


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