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DSchuler’s QB Change Probability: 4 new starters, more on the way? Packers accumulate draft assets, Cardinals back in play for #1 pick (1 Viewer)

ODDs Pro Bowl QB Kyle Murray’s team if not #Cardinals 2024 Week 1:

1) #PATRIOTS, 5/1
2) #Titans , 11/2 WTF??
3) #Giants, 6/1
4) #Falcons, 7/1
5) #Commanders, 9/1
6) #Steelers, 9/1
2 and 5 won’t happen. Can the giants afford him? I don’t see Pittsburgh giving up on Picket quite yet. Atlanta and NE make the most sense.
I agree, just thought it was interesting. I think the Falcons would make the most sense but I have a feeling he’s going to stay in Arizona. The Houston pick is going to be a later first and Arizona is probably going to win a few more games and won’t end up 1 or 2

I just thought this was interesting as the Vikings QB saga continues to keep changing.

I am curious about your thoughts on some of these mid 1st round QBs who might be available and if the QB class will be deep enough for the Vikings to still get one if they end up with 8 or 9 wins by end of season?

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