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Advice on an IDP heavy scoring league for a NOOB (1 Viewer)


Hey all-

I have just a little bit of experience with IDP. I was a "caretaker" of a dynasty team last year but I didn't draft it.

This year I'm in a dynasty start up where scoring is heavily skewed towards turnovers and sacks. We start 1DT, 2DE, 3LB, 2S, 2CB, and 1Flex, along with 9 offensive players (scoring is a pretty standard PPR for offense, 4pt passing TDs). It's a deep 53 man roster.

-Sacks, Interceptions, Safties, and Fumble recoveries are 6pts!

-Forced fumbles, Assisted sacks, and blocked kicks are 3pts.

-Tackles are 2pts (or 1.5 for DEs and LBs)

-Plus there are points for return yardage and TDs

What I'm wondering is, in a league like this with such high scoring IDP, when should I look to start drafting IDP players? Am I taking my first DE or LB before I'm taking a QB or my second RB? Any advice for the types of players I should be looking at or how I should approach making my rankings? Thanks in advance!

I made 8 of these ridiculous scoring defense draftmasters a couple years ago, one of the guys swore up & down that we should be picking all of our offense players first still. He finished near the bottom of the leagues he was in. The best way to do it if you're on MFL look at the top free agents to get an idea of player value. I would still want the elite offense players 1st but then BPA is the way to go. Sack LBs value go way up.

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Some suggestions:

1. On the site where your league is hosted, look at the actual results from 2012 sorted by average Fantasy Points/game. You will then get an idea of which positions contribute most to your weekly FP total.

2. To go a step further, look at the 'drop off' in AvgFP/game value by position. I tend to prioritize drafting top-tier guys from positions that drop off quickest. I temper this, of course, based on the overall average of starters by position. For example, if starter RBs average 15 FPs/game and starter DTs only average 5 FPs/game, then grabbing quality RBs is more important than grabbing quality DTs.

3. If you use a FBG tool such as Draft Dominator, take a look at the Value Based Draft score of each position (and read all about Value Based Drafting on the FBG site).

4. Use the Mock Draft feature of Draft Dominator and experiment with various draft strategies.

Just remember that top DL's tend to regress to the mean more drastically than top DB's, who tend to regress more drastically than top LB's. Use this to temper your VBD projections, because with sacks being so high, no doubt DE's and sack LB's will top your list of VBD.


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