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An early look at QB tiers in redraft leagues (1 Viewer)

Seriously thinking about drafting my first QB in the 10th round this year in a 12team redraft. Something like cutler and Bradford, maybe even Palmer too.

thanks , good read!

judging by what Arians has done with QB's in the NFL, I'm betting Carson Palmer is in line for a HUGE year ( well, at least for him)..

he's likely to post numbers similar to those of Big Ben while Arians was in Pitt, 4000/26 or so, making him a nice pick on draft day, especially in the late rounds..

I would never consider Matt Stafford anything close to 'on the cusp of elite' - he simply isnt..59% comp, nearly 5k yards, with ONLY 20 td to pair with 17 ints?? basically, he's a one hit wonder, aka 2011, the only year he completed over 60% of his passes..

no thanks..replace him with Palmer on your 'on the cusp of elite' list, and you're on to something!


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It feels like there are at least 20 QBs I can live with depending on what the rest of my roster looks like. I am going to fire up a new version of a thread where I analyze the weekly avg of the most likely 12-15 starting QBs and you can see a bigger variance with these QBs.

Remember when you could snag Peyton Manning in the 5th or 6th round in redraft last year?

Who's the Matt Ryan of this year that everyone will be gunning for?

While I think you can wait I don't think you can wait too long. I think there is a huge dropoff after the top 12...maybe 13 with Eli...and this of course is assuming RGIII is healthy to start the year. While I don't think you need to get a Rodgers or a Brees early...once the run starts I'll make sure to get one of the top 12. I'm not sure I want to play matchups with a combo or lets say Cutler/Dalton if I'm going up against a stud QB every week.

I don't think you should be the first one to take a qb but I do believe if you can wait until the end of the initial run on the elite qb's and be close to the last drafter to snag one then there is good value in that as well. If you wait a bit too long and miss out completely on the elite group then I can certainly see the argument for waiting a lot longer though.

I'm very happy to wait on QBs this year. I usually am, but this year is particularly easy to justify it.

My preferred QB1:

Cutler - better o-line, better receiving options, new OC

Rivers - top 10 for 4 straight years until the entire team imploded last year

My preferred QB2:

Tannehill - should be a spike between year 1 and year 2 for him and I like the added weapons

Palmer - still believe he's got talent and now he's got some talent to throw to

I'll let people draft young QBs on run-heavy teams (Kaep, RG, Wilson) and overrated mediocre guys (Stafford, Flacco, Eli) and bide my time.

Last year, the play in a lot of cases was to draft a QB in the first round mainly due to all the question marks at the RB position, but this year looks to be the opposite. There are way too many young, talented RBs in round 1 to pass on.


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