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Andre Johnson vs. Oakland DB (1 Viewer)


Andre is a stud, no doubt.

But Oakland corner might be best cover corner in the league.

Can AJ expose him after last week or is this the week Walter goes off as AJ faces double coverage?


The big difference between Asomugha and other elite cover corners like Champ Bailey and well, that's pretty much it, is that the Raiders don't move Asomugha around to cover the other team's best WR like the Broncos do with Bailey. If AJ lines up on the other side, he won't be covered by Asomugha and they won't move him over there to cover him. We've seen several examples of this this year, most recently with Randy Moss who put up good numbers against the Raiders by being moved around, whereas against the Broncos he was shadowed by Bailey and completely shut down (until Bailey got hurt and had to leave the game, at which point Moss went off).

The question is whether or not the Texas will be willing to move AJ around to match up against other corners.

My understanding is that Asomuwagah plays the right side (offense's left) exclusively. Last week, Johnson's 60 yard catch and his TD catch came with him on the offense's right/d's left side. I think he'll be fine.

Kubiak, from yesterday's press conference:

(on WR Andre Johnson doing his job) “Well, Andre is going to always do his job. There’s nobody that works harder. Our job is to move him around and try to find ways to get him free when people are paying a great deal of attention to him defensively, trying to take him away. We actually see some coverages that I’ve never seen before sometimes. We’ll see the way they’re trying to rob him or make sure that he doesn’t touch the football. To his credit, he plays through that. To his credit, moving around helps him play through that. And then, to (speak about) the rest of the guys, whenever people have done a good job on him, we’ve had other guys step up like (WR) Kevin (Walter) against Green Bay. So he’s a special player, and people are going to do everything they can to take him away. But you’re right, that’s our job, to find a way to make sure he stays involved and find a way to get him the ball.”

Actually teams have been attacking Aso more since the KC game where Aso was covering T-Gonz and got lit up for 100 yards. This past Sunday, Moss had about 3 catches on Aso.

I don't care who covers AJ. Guy just gets the ball wherever it is thrown. I am playing against him this weekend and I expect him to post another one of those solid games. Tennessee couldn't stop him, I don't think the Raiders will either.

Locked down.

Lions should think of grabbing this guy in free agency - he is the best cover corner in the league right now.


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