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Antoine Bagwell (1 Viewer)


I know you all have been waiting for it. Here it is.

You will notice he has great hands and is very quick and fast. Those are his strengths. His big weakness is his size and his tackle breaking ability. He can make the first guy miss, but that isn't enough at the NFL level. He does a great job of catching the ball with his hands, instead of his body.

At the very least, Bagwell has the ability to be a capable return man in the NFL. If he bulks up a little bit and works on his pass blocking (he is a willing blocker), he could be a decent third down back. He is raw, but has decent upside.

ESPN ranks him as the #31 RB, which makes him one of the top undrafted free agents. They compare him to Darren Sproles.

Anyway, here is the footage: Antoine Bagwell game footage

I look forward to your comments. Enjoy! :cheers:

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