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Any speculation on Holmes (1 Viewer)


Holmes has a bunch of questions so KC homers please chime in.What is his health status?Is he coming back to the Chiefs?Is he going to get his fair share of carries if he is with the Chiefs or does LJ take over now?If he goes somewhere else can he still be effective?Thoughts on his productivity and effectiveness for next season.Lets hear your opinions.

While it would be nice to know, Holmes does not need to make any decisions right now and due to the serious nature of his injury he will probably take as much time as needed.

Recent interview with Holmes, doesn't tell us much


Jan 13, 2006, 12:30:00 PM

RB Priest Holmes stopped by the kcchiefs.com offices at Arrowhead Stadium recently and caught up with Patrick Herb on how he’s staying in shape, the football exploits of his sons and his thoughts on the national champion University of Texas Longhorns.

PATRICK HERB: Hey Priest, thanks for stopping by and chatting with us on kcchiefs.com. You’ve got tons of Chiefs fans out there who can’t wait to hear what’s been going on in your life lately.

PRIEST HOLMES: “Great… no problem.”

Herb: So you spent the last nine weeks of the season on injured reserve. Tell all of your loyal fans what your rehab process has been like – if in fact there even is a rehab process for this type of injury.holmes_herb

HOLMES: “No rehab process actually. The only thing I really have to do is just maintain my conditioning. That’s a matter of doing the elliptical, doing some running and lifting weights. Concerning the injury… it’s the more rest I can get, the better it will become.”

Herb: How many hours a day are you spending staying in shape and conditioning?

HOLMES: “Right now because it’s considered the off-season, I’m trying to take advantage of that by spending time with family. My sister just had a little one, so I’ve spent more of my time traveling and being with family. But of course, now that our time is officially over in terms of the season, I’ll be able to get back to running around and doing some jogging right now. It’ll mainly just be just conditioning and that will consist of maybe two to three miles just to kind of get that rhythm back and my legs under me.”
Priest had a much better likelihood of returning in a meaningful role if Vermeil were still around. With Herm, who has no past allegiance to Priest, all bets are off.Ironically, the same situation holds for Herm's favorite Martin (Curtis).

I don't see Preist coming back at all...an injury to the spinal cord is something that you just don't mess with. And given how secretively it was handled last year, I think that it was more serious than they let on.Even if he does choose to come back, I doubt that the Chiefs would want him...he's going to be far too expensive to keep on the roster as an insurance policy for LJ. People who are saying that he'll be a 3rd down back don't seem to understand just how effective LJ is as a reciever.

People who are saying that he'll be a 3rd down back don't seem to understand just how effective LJ is as a reciever.
They do understand, however, how crappy LJ is at blitz pickup; he's HORRIBLE.It's as if he doesn't try; maybe in an effort to encourage the team to pass less. :D It would be so easy for LJ to fix this...almost seems like he doesn't want to.

If LJ was in the game, you knew it wasn't going to be a 5-7 step drop pass. It was either run, PA or a quick pass. If they had 3rd and longish, LJ was riding pine.

(disclosure: LJ owner)

As for Priest, i don't see how a spinal column defect would just 'get better.'

I think Priest has come to the realization that even though he MAY have some in the tank still, and could still produce well in KC, he is now a part of the past.Vermeil is gone. Vermeil and Holmes had a special relationship. I don't think that single reason will be why Priest retires. But I think he sees the writing on the wall. LJ has MORE than stepped up to the plate. There's a new coach in town. And finally, Priest isn't getting any younger. He was already hinting about retiring before the 2004 and 2005 seasons.Will he retire before the 2006 season? I think the chances are high. But part of him may want to try it out under a new head coach. They just barely missed the playoffs before. If certain pieces are filled in (like more help on the defensive side of the ball), he may take all of that into consideration and come back. But for him to come back, I think he'll have to come to the realization that he is NOT the top guy there anymore. LJ is. I could see Priest playing a Marshall Faulk role now on the Chiefs, if he were to come back. He blocks a HELLUVA lot better than LJ. He's a better threat receiving-wise than LJ, too. So I could see him still being productive, just not at the capacity he was in the past...If he retires, well good luck Priest! Thanks for the exciting years! :thumbup:

Priest Holmes 2006 = Marshall Faulk 2005
Not unless he takes a HUGE, I mean HUGE pay cut.No 3rd down/backup RB is worth 5 mil a season.

If PH stays it may cripple the CHiefs.......hsi cap number is too huge.

As a fairly solid KC Homer my prediction is that he and KC settle on a buyout and Priest retires grudgingly.......although Peterson and Lamar will make it look like he retired on his own terms.


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