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Anybody Dropping Vince Young? (1 Viewer)


Just curious to see if anyone has or is planning on dropping Vince Young in favor of another QB like Cassell?

I am in a 16 team redraft, with a roster limit of no more than 2 QBs. I had Rivers and Young, and cut Young to pick up Collins. There are literally no starting QBs on the waiver wire.

I cut him for Trent Edwards. That's saying something.

If Tenn had one decent receiver I might have grabbed Collins.

I put his lame a** on the IR. Under my league rules, I'll have to make the decision to keep or cut him in four weeks. Figure this at least gives me time to see how this soap opera pans out... :shock:

I cut him in a redraft to pick up Cassel. I really can't see him doing a 180 this year and being a viable fantasy QB. I would rather have JT O'Sullivan.

he was just dropped in one of my dynasty leagues. I dropped Demetrius Williams to get him. Figured he's worth my last roster spot. :shrug:

12 team league, 15 man roster, 3 keepers declared by the Super Bowl, non PPR:

I dropped him for David Patten (Warner is the only other QB on my roster).


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