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Anybody playing myVegas on FB? (1 Viewer)


I am planning on going to Vegas in May of next year and FB has a pretty decent game. It is maybe 15 different slot games and BlackJack (Though I hear Video Poker is coming soon). And you get credits for use at MGM properties in Vegas (Room Comps, Free Buffets, Free shows).

If anybody is playing or wants to play PM me and I will friend you on FB. You get extra chips to play.

I don't play any other FB games

Bump. I listen to a great Vegas podcast called FiveHundyByMidnight - they always talk about their myVEGAS comps. Is anyone doing this? Tips/tricks to racking up comp points faster? :moneybag:

I started playing last summer. There are tips if you search some of the vegas forums. Basically, it breaks down to how much you should be wagering at each level. Beyond that, it just takes time. The auto spin setting is helpful. As you move up in levels, your number of auto spins goes up.

It gets boring fast. Lately I've been betting between $6k and $15 per spin. If I run out of chips, I spend a few weeks collecting two to three times a day. When I have $200k saved, I hit the Blackjack table and try to catch a decent run. Half the time, I can get my chips up over $1 million. The other times, I bust out and start collecting again.

If I can get to one million, then I wait for a time when they run the double XP specials and bet the $6k-$15k.

I've used our points mostly for free buffets. The process is simple. You choose your reward online and receive a confirmation code. Then you go to the MLife counter at the respective casino. They will add the comp to your Mlife card. When you go to the Buffet, the cashier sees that comp on your card and uses it to pay for your meal.

I still play this occasionally, although it was WAY better at the beginning. They used to have a 2 night at Mirage Tower Suite reward for 90,000 points- which is incredible compared to what you can get now. I pretty concur with KC above....play a lot at first to build your strip, then after that, just collect a few times per day and hoard chips until a good promo comes along. Between my wife and I, we have 1.2MM loyalty right now, even after using 400k last trip. It's a good time killer when you're doing other things on your computer anyway; but don't dedicate much time to it. Probably a $1-2 per hour endeavor, tops.

Just recently went to March madenss and redeemed 3 different buffet's. Worth the minimal amout of time I had put into it for about $150 worrth of free food.

There was an all day one.

2 free dinners

and 2 free lunch.breakfast's ones


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