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Anyone Starting Shorts? (1 Viewer)


I don't know if he makes it through the whole game. Dude really burned me last week.

If I don't play him i need to hit the wire and grab a WR because Im also benching TRich.

Me wire looks like: Wright, Dobson, Brandon Gibson or Jacoby Jones

I'm considering it in my flex (WR/TE) for his potential upside, but the risk is that he is just a decoy and won't contribute. The other player that I'm considering for the flex position is Charles Clay.

Just benched kenbrell for him in ppr league. Starting Vincent brown and Edelman over him in other non ppr leagues.

After losing him and Cobb last week had to work WW hard. Not going to chance another 0 this week out of him. Edelman and Simpson for me

On my bench for Bowe. I just don't think a receiver is going to be effective with a bum shoulder. I think the potential for a zero from Shorts is too high.


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