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"Ask tipandpick"--Week 16 Edition (1 Viewer)

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John Lee

Next-to-last week...get your DFS questions into this thread & I'll get to them Sunday morning.

For those of you who missed the original thread, you pose your DFS question(s) in this thread, download the Periscope app, follow @tipandpick, and watch me answer your question(s) LIVE at 11 AM (EST) on Periscope on Sunday morning.

Be sure to include the following information with each question:

  • DFS site you are playing?
  • Game format (cash, GPP, hybrid)?
  • Salary of the player(s) in question?

To download Periscope:

iPhone/iPad/Mac download link: https://itunes.apple...d972909677?mt=8

Android download link: https://play.google....e.android&hl=en

After downloading the app, just follow me (@tipandpick) and you will be able to see/hear my responses to each of your questions in the 11th hour, literally, on Sunday mornings!

Happy Holidays, T&P

Fan Duel cash only ... went back and watched this week's show with Dan and Austin ... made an edit

Your preference Big Ben or Bortles for cash?

I am leaning Bortles with Brees making an effort; edit

Do you grin; bare it and play K Williams? Do not mind this but really like Martin and AD this week

With all the Cowboy injuries locked myself into Williams; edit

Do you grin' bare it and use Randle in cash games? I cannot come around on this but, if half the cash field uses both K Williams AND Randle there is a lot of cash free in their line-ups to place other places. As in, you fade both of them; eveyone uses them; they both hit value and you are sunk. Just not loving Randle at all.

Read your article; looked at a few things and like Diggs tonight; edit

The Lions D is in a nice spot and the money saved allows use of A Brown/Maclin/Tate and Olsen, for example. You feel they are a safe play for cash?

Using Seattle due to Keenum's inability to escape the rush, which Manziel had last week, and their absence of legit NFL WR talent on the outside.


D Johnson



Tate or Maclin ... leaning Tate with Calvin's injuries


j Thomas ... prefer him over Z Miller today



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Thoughts on TB pushing for Martins rushing title? Will they feed him the rock to get it over the next couple weeks?

Season long questions- Cobb or wheaton. Gurley or Karlos?

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Love your work. Hope you had a Merry Christmas and avoided the naughty list.

Two question, both regarding your views on DK.

1. With respect to QB, you did not mention Ryan Fitzpatrick. Is my status as a lifelong, long suffering Jets fan blinding me to something? Fitz has been very consistent and played well in Foxboro the first go around. Now they are in NY (ok NJ), and they really have something to play for. I personally think he is a great GPP play, esp bc he will likely be under owned. Your insights always respected.

2. You also did not mention Jarvis Landry. Could you give your thoughts on him for cash and/or GPP? He seems like one of those guys who is a lock for a lot of targets, and he is going up against a really bad passing Defense, and a particularly bad slot corner, if I am not mistaken. Granted, not an endzone target, but if he gets in the end zone that is just gravy if he catches 10-12 balls and maybe goes over 100 yds. I also love that he always has the possibility of a punt return TD.


FD questions:

1. What player for scores more points on the dollar, Doug Martin ($8100) or Mike Evans ($8200).

2. With Amendola and Edelman out this week, on a scale of 1-10 how much do you like James White ($6600) in cash and GPP formats?

3. How did the 400ish GPP entries turn out last week?

4. What QB do you have the most exposure to this week in GPP's?

5. Do the Broncos lose on MNF, opening the door for my Chiefs to have a shot to play for the AFC title next week?


1. Is Golden Gate just the #1 WR play on Detroit irregardless of price at this point?

2. Which rookie that hasn't really flashed yet do you think is a good GPP target for the rest of the season?

John, season long league, standard scoring, team defense: Buffalo vs Dallas or Minnesota vs NYG? Thanks

DK cash game flex spot need 1

G, Tate

M. Bryant

D. Robinson

I see you like Diggs, do you still like him if the Vikings have the division wrapped up by game time?

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With Dez reportedly out, does that make T. Williams or C. Beasley make a strong pivot for Cash or GPP play on either DK or FD? T. Williams is $900 cheaper on FD vs. R Randle. I'm not high on Moore, so I don't know how much I like the DAL passing game.

What suggestions do you have for forming GPP lineups. I seem to overthink things in trying to differentiate my lineups. I have not had a winning GPP Lineup in the last 5 weeks on DK, but have won 100% of my double ups over that same timeframe?

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