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"Ask tipandpick"--Week 17 Edition (1 Viewer)

John Lee

LAST WEEK...get your DFS questions into this thread & I'll get to them Sunday morning. There will be no playoff editions...please take note!

For those of you who missed the original thread, you pose your DFS question(s) in this thread, download the Periscope app, follow @tipandpick, and watch me answer your question(s) LIVE at 11 AM (EST) on Periscope on Sunday morning.

Be sure to include the following information with each question:

  • DFS site you are playing?
  • Game format (cash, GPP, hybrid)?
  • Salary of the player(s) in question?

To download Periscope:

iPhone/iPad/Mac download link: https://itunes.apple...d972909677?mt=8

Android download link: https://play.google....e.android&hl=en

After downloading the app, just follow me (@tipandpick) and you will be able to see/hear my responses to each of your questions in the 11th hour, literally, on Sunday mornings!

Being week 17, what situations or players are you avoiding completely or exploiting the hell out of? If it matters, please qualify the player as cash or gpp. For example, so and so has a great matchup but nothing to play for with maybe other circumstances, lean gpp with him.

1. What do you expect from the Eagles now that the Chip is off their shoulders?

2. And rapid fire build a GPP...
AJ McCarron or Brian Hoyer

CJ Anderson or Ronnie Hillman
Adrian Peterson or DeAngelo Wilson
Sammy Watkins or Brandin Cooks
Julio Jones
Golden Tate
Zach Ertz


Do you change the amount of money you put in play in week 17? I know I'm going to reduce to 10% max of my bank instead of the normal 30%.

Thoughts on Tre Mason for GPPs?

Edited to add: This is for Draftkings where he is min price

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1. Thanks for spending your time with us on Sunday this past season. Hope you are back next year.

2. On the rotogrinders/football guys show you highlighted Brice Bulter and in your tipnpick DK article you highlighted Terrence Williams. If push came to shove, who would you rather?

3. On FD, on a scale of 1-10 how do you like Danny Woodhead for a gpp play?



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