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Atl @ Jack (1 Viewer)

LOL at them saying Vick won't run as much this year. 30 in 1/2 of a pre-season game....60 yards per game....960 for the year.

Fred looked to have a little limp before he went off... you guys think he is ok?
They just interviewed him on the sidelines. Seemed to be fine. I doubt they'd let him do an interview casually like that if he was hurting.
first throw by matt shaub.. INT after a tip.. not a great ball but receiver got his hands on it and just tipped it into the dbacks hands

Maybe we have another Matt Jones shot here.. Greg Jones gets put on his butt in his first carry of the gameweird call... why not try to put one in the endzone or at least down the field here???? :confused:

Blitz.. Leftwich hit as he throws..incomplete passlooked like they were going end-zone on that one..how can that he a fumble???his arm is obviosly coming forward

that was very sloppy...they never even had the field judge review that.. it's his call not the people upstairsnow we'll have to wait till the 2nd half ot see more M.Jones

Leftwich has to get better pocket awareness. Dude takes way too many hits. He'll be out of the league before long at this rate.

that was not a good pass interference by the corner back...

Jenkins was not going to make that grab
No doubt. How can you call PI on a pass that's severely underthrown? Some real shoddy officiating in the last two minutes.
Following the game on nfl.com.3 different times the person entering the play information has talked about rain; and raining hard. Is Jax getting creamed by the tropical storm?Is it affecting play?

Had a couple drives stall in the redzone, missed fg, BS fumble call etc... Offense has looked alright

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How has Babineaux looked? I've seen his stats, but is he creating plays or benefitting from other guys' work?

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I think Deke Cooper just tried to get tackled and it didn't happen. Perhaps he should switch to offense.

anyone that wants to listen via internet radio for free, go to

thegamelive.com, select Football, NFL, AFC, and go to the first Jacksonville feed
Not this year, NFL putthe KIBASH on that deal
Works in Indiana ! You have to select the right feed. I'm listening right now.
How has Babineaux looked? I've seen his stats, but is he creating plays or benefitting from other guys' work?
Wasn't Babineaux that ate Greg Jones's lunch on Jones's first carry in the third? Nice tackle for loss of 5 yards or so.
Reggie Williams has not done one thing to warrant the hype he has received. I own him on my dynasty team. Matt Jones looks like he will be a huge part of this offense.

Paul McGuire on Matt Jones after that overthrown pass:

"He almost outran the ball!"

I heard this..........and he kept saying it, not like it was a mistake on his part. The other 2 didn't even say anything to correct him, they just listened not really fully understanding what he was talking about.Hello McFly, you don't almost outrun the ball if it's thrown over your head. You almost run under the ball, but you can't outrun it.

Suzie's hair looks like crap.
Somewhere in this world a "Milwaukee's Best" beer can just fell from the sky and clobbered eroom1369.
Best post of 2005 (both of them).
:goodposting: LOL.. I forgot I even wrote that. I remember saying to myself, why would anyone write that....? Those Milwaukee Best commercials were hilarious. I also enjoy those "Hooray Beer!" ads.


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