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Auction values? (1 Viewer)

There's a draft dominator app if you subscribe, but I prefer to develop mine in a spreadsheet. Gives me flexibility to develop my values vs what prices I think my league mates will go to. Simple VBD approach (take expected points over baseline, divvy them up by disposable dollars).

Any opinions from anyone who has actually used the draft dominator program?
You can do a pretty decent job with it. Though I prefer to exercise a lot of control over the baselines. For example, I set my baselines manually based on player rank, and for things like IDP and kickers I set the baseline so only a few extra dollars go to the top players there and everyone else is minimum salary.

One of the better aspects of using Draft Dominator is that you can enter the auction results while it is going on, and it will show a recalculated price based on the players who have already gone. So if people are overpaying early, it will show players still available should go for cheaper than your pre-auction prices had said.

The biggest downside is one I haven't seen anyone overcome in any tool, which is that value of backups and sleepers isn't handled adequately. Since we're talking about only a few dollars it isn't a big deal overall, but I'd consider setting my baselines to try to have quality backups with potential showing a realistic value. In some cases that means changing a projection though from what you think he's likely to actually put up on the field, to something that equates to your perceived value he has as a backup.

Myself, I tend to make a spreadsheet first to calculate my own auction values. I allocated a percentage of cap for starters and for backups separately, then let each group have a separate baseline that allocates their share of the money.

Then when done, I go to DD and set up baselines to bring it close to my spreadsheet. Then I use DD for the dynamic price updating during the auction itself.


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