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This was the first year I waited on IDP's, figuring I'd grab all the sleepers because I'm more IDP savy than the rest of the league. That theory failed, so much for my savyness. We start 2 DL, 2 LB, and 2 DB. (1pt per tackle 0.5pt per assist, bigger pts for sacks, fumbles, int's and TD's) My DL are solid with Kearney and Rucker. But my LB's are weak (Fletcher leads the group with Gold, Barton and Morgan) My DB's are really weak, after Boulware I start either Sean Jones or Glen Earl, and neither of those 2 even start for their own NFL teams. So now its time to attack the waiver wire, I'm looking for thoughts about strategies and ideas about players I maybe overlooking.You want DL from teams that have a high scoring offense because the opposing team will be throwing to keep up which creates more sack opportunities. I'm not really looking for any DL's right now, so we can avoid them for the time being. You usually want middle or weakside LB's and I think its good to get guys who have a solid interior DL in front of them so the LB's can move around and make plays. I also like LB's from teams with bad offenses, so the LB's will be on the field more. DB's have a better chance to make plays if they play for a team that is high scoring because the opposing team will have to throw alot which can lead to INT's. But tackle-wise, isn't better for your DB's to be bad offensive teams so that they are on the field more to make more tackles? This piece has me confused slightly. I'd appreciate any input there.Anyways, when judging waiver pickups, I usually ignore all other stats except for tackles because they are more predictable. The available LB's are: Kassell, Quarles, Holmes, Danny Clark and all of the Colts LBs. After 2 weeks I'd rank them as: Kassell, Bracket and June. Thoughts? For DB's the available ones are: Ferguson, Ahmed Plummer, Tillman, Rhodes and Crocker. I'd rank them as: Plummer, Rhodes, and Ferguson. Plummer will be on the field more cuz the 49er Offense is awful, Rhodes plays both safety positions and with Coleman hurt I'd say he'll be asked to make more plays. Would anyone rank them differently and if so why?Appreciate the input and as always, I enjoy the discussion in this forum much more than any other forum on this site. (except for the Hooters Revenge topic in the FFA, obviously)


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