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Balls to the wall, or safe? (1 Viewer)


This is very much a question for the assistant coach forum, but I thought it may spark conversation here.  My roster in 10 team redraft:

QB's - Kyler Murray & Kirk Cousins
RB's - Joe Mixon, Najee Harris, Josh Jacobs, Clyde Edwards-Helaire, & Sony Michel
WR's - DK Metcalf, DJ Moore, Mike Williams, & Jerry Jeudy
TE's - George Kittle & TJ Hockenson
K - Ryan Succop
D's - GB & DAL

We start QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, Flex (RB or WR), TE, K, D, and have 7 bench spots

I am currently 9-4 and atop the league, but 4 teams are 8-5 with more total points.  Our regular season ends after week 15, and I just need a win to secure one of 4 playoff spots, or 2 losses by any of the 4 teams below me.  I "should" make the playoffs, which are weeks 16 & 17.  As long as Kyler Murray remains healthy the rest of the way, he will start for me.  Same goes for George Kittle, and likely a few RB's and WR's.  I am currently carrying GB D for this week (vs Fields coming off injury) and DAL for our regular season finale vs NYG (who are playing musical QB's).

My question  - Would you drop anyone on this roster for a D with a good matchup in week 16?  Yes, it would look nuts to carry 3 D's, but is a startable D in a given week more important than bench depth with only 4 weeks left?



Green Bay plays Cleveland week 16. No need to drop a player to improve that matchup. 
It’s surprising to see bullock starting in a 10 team league. 


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