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Band, Concert and Tour T-Shirts - Now with homework assignment (1 Viewer)


April 26

It's hard to tell from the picture but this shirt has added cachet since it was bought at an actual Nirvana concert rather than off the rack at Hot Topic.  The album track listing is on the back.

I also had the Flower Sniffin Kitty Pettin shirt but haven't seen it in many many years.
Nice. I had the Fudge Packin Crack Smokin Mother####er one many years ago but that's long gone.


Dr. Octopus

Circle Jerks.  
When I was in college, freshman year, there were these two guys that roomed together who's walls were filled with hard-core punk posters (Cramps, Black Flag,  Misfits, etc.) including the Circle Jerks, who I never heard. Me and my friend Dave, who were both classic rock guys started calling them the Circle Jerks in a friendly way - we all got along. One day they told me and Dave they had two extra tickets to see the Circle Jerks who were opening for Agnostic Front in Trenton. It was an amazing experience with people getting bloodied up in the mosh pit and the energy but it just wasn't me. I like some punk but it's the more accessible stuff that was slowly merged into classic rock like the Clash, Ramones, X, Talking Heads....

Although I did become a big fan of the Rollins Band who I saw multiple times, but by then the shows were far more tame as far as the crowd and mosh pits were concerned.



April 29

Rock en Espanol

We actually went to see the opening act but Los Fabulosos Cadillacs were fabuloso enough to buy the shirt.  The tour dates are on the back including a misspelled San Fransisco and three Spanish cities included as North America.



May 15

Guns N' Roses.  Maybe again because I vaguely remember a different GNR shirt from last month.  This is really silly let he persists.
I see no need to stop, and I don't particularly remember that one, no. I have a Marshalls $7.99 special G N' R t-shirt where the cross from the censored front cover of Appetite is crooked.

Irregular, as it were.



May 23

Prima Donna.  SFV glam band who we support every time they come to the Bay Area.  Their frontman Kevin plays guitar in the touring lineup for Green Day and lost a huge gig for the summer when Hella Mega was canceled. 

With that, I'm going to end this project and change my wardrobe.  It's been two months and it's gotten a bit stale.  The other reason is to stop wearing my wife's clothes in advance of our anniversary on Monday. 


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