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Barrow on Colts watch list (1 Viewer)



Brackett Returns, Barrow Leaves Without an Offer

Ed Thompson - Scout.com

August 17, 2005 at 8:06pm ET

Catch up on Wednesday's news out of Terre Haute, including injury updates and the results of LB Mike Barrow's visit with the Colts.

Mike Barrow's visit to Terre Haute raised a number of questions, especially in light of the uncanny timing as starting MLB Gary Brackett was watching practice on Tuesday with a sore knee.

But based on information we received from a source close to the team, the Colts were apparently interested in simply learning more about Barrow should they need help in the future as training camp and the season progresses. With the depth chart a bit thin behind projected starter Gary Brackett, a single injury to anyone on the middle linebacker depth chart could trigger the need for a call to an experienced veteran like Barrow.

As a result, it appears the Colts interest is casual at this point and they are taking a wait-and-see approach with the former Redskins and Giants linebacker.

Brackett returned to practice this morning, but skipped the afternoon session as a precaution. He is likely to do the same routine on Thursday, but didn't experience any problems with the discomfort he was previously having in an area behind the knee. He should see be ready to play against the Bears this weekend.

More good news out of Terre Haute on the injury front is that DE Dwight Freeney will be practicing on Thursday for the first time since the Colts opened training camp. Cornerback Kelvin Hayden is also returning to practice and will be available for action this Saturday.

Safety Gerome Sapp and linebacker Chris Laskowski returned to practice yesterday and are also expected to be able to play against the Bears this weekend.

Head coach Tony Dungy said many more of the injured players should be active by next Monday, including center Jeff Saturday, cornerback Nick Harper and cornerback Donald Strickland.


IMO they should just sign Barrow now. He's old but he's reassuring and predictable which Dungy could scheme around/plan for.


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