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BCS Title Game poll (1 Viewer)

Who will win?

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Let's see how the vote comes out. Could be an interesting game. Oklahoma's defense is ranked 63rd in the country. Then again, that might also be the product of playing offenses that finished the season ranked 4th, 5th, 6th, 9th, 18th, 21st and 27th. By comparison, the best offenses Florida's defense went against were ranked 28th (FSU), 29th (Georgia), 30th (Alabama), 32nd (Mississippi) and 35th (LSU).

Initially I thought this would be a close game won by the Gators 35-34. Then after watching Texas barely escape Ohio State I thought maybe Florida would win going away 31-21 at least. Now I'm not so sure. Oklahoma's no-huddle offense could not only wear out theGators, but also expose them with improper personnel or force 12-men-on-the-field penalties. Florida is very undisciplined and Oklahoma might be able to exploit that. Stoops needs this game to get back his reputation as "Big Game Bob" and the fact that Oklahoma is an underdog might motivate them too. And after viewing the rankings of the offenses each defense played against, people might be surprised if OU's defense shows up better than advertised.

I initially figured Florida by double digits, but after watching the Utah/Bama game, I'm sufficiently spooked.

For Florida to win, they will have to weather the initial storm OK throws at them in the first quarter. If they fail to do that (like Bama) they will lose. OK will attack in much the same way Utah did. Spread offense with no huddle. Florida must show the ability to adjust immediately.

Oklahoma has been exposed on the national stage several times in the past few years, but it's hard for me to forget how dominant they looked the last couple times I saw them on TV. I picked them in my bowl pool.

Florida by 20. Once again, Big 12 defenses get exposed. :shrug:
This is the square logic the public is using to handicap this game, rather than looking at actual matchups. I'm still waiting for someone to explain to me how Florida is going to be able to put pressure on Bradford without bringing the house. OU's oline will win the battle at the line of scrimmage, if not flat out dominate.I also think OU's defensive statistics are somewhat misleading, as far as yards and points allowed per game. Their defense is much better than people give them credit for. For example, look at their games against 2 high powered offenses, Texas Tech and Nebraska. OU's defense in the first half of each game was just as dominant as their offense has been all year. The whole 2nd half was basically garbage time in both of those games, and that's where Tech and Nebraska made the majority of their offensive production.

I think Oklahoma will control this one. Florida has some playmakers and enough heart to keep it respectable, but in the end I think Oklahoma wins. Something like 37-24.

Great athlete? Yes, but Tebow has eons to go as an NFL passer. He's not a 1st round dynasty pick when he comes out, IMO (unless he really improves).


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