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Why is marshawn slipping past jamaal Charles and spiller in everyones eyes? I know he doesn't get involved in the pass game but he's a sure fire 1400 yard and 12 td back. I just don't see the point in taking a risk at 3-4 for a less proven 'speed' back

People want the new shiny toy.

Spiller and Charles are both more explosive than Lynch, they both likely have a higher ceiling, and they both are more fashionable than the tried-and-true more boring back that is Lynch.

Personally, since I'm risk adverse in the first round, I'd rather have Lynch. We've already seen him be a true workhorse back and hold up after receiving a bevy of carries. Plus, there are less question marks in Seattle than there are in Buffalo (QB play) and Kansas City (new offense).

Does Lynch have a few of those 1400 and 12 type seasons in a row that I am not aware of to make him seem like such a sure thing? Not exactly a foster or rice type pedigree.

Neither do Charles and spiller, but yes higher ceiling for Charles and spiller imo.

I don't think it's about a shinny new toy. I think it's more about people wanting to be ahead of the curve.

Charles has proven to be a very good fantasy back for years and did so on some pretty weak teams with limited touches. Insert A. Reid, A. Smith and a stud rookie tackle. This is easily the best supporting cast he's ever had around him and Reid track record of play calling/scheme is ideal for Charles skill set.

Spiller is a bit simpler. He was technically behind Jackson last year. Now the job is all his. He was elite when he didn't compete for the touches and it doesn't look like he will be now.

I have Lynch in one league, I worry about Turbin and Christine taking more of his load then people expect. But I'll take Lynch over Spiller any day .

I guess it's just risk aversion, similiar to what Jewell was saying. I just feel like he'll be even better this year with Russell Wilson keeping people honest, which was evident by Lynch's end of the year numbers. In the last 10 games, he scored over 10 points in 9 games, 20 points in 2 games and a 30 point game. That level of consistency is something I believe to be irreplacable in a RB1.

And he has had only two seasons of elite status so he's not the sure thing Rice and Foster are. However, I do feel that he is in the best offense of the group which should help his touchdown totals. I also like the fact that he is not a speed back, who are traditionally less consistent on a weekely basis.

I guess I see both sides becasue I do not see lynch ending the year as the number 1 ranked RB, while I could see Spiller or Charles exploding to that level.

Spiller and Charles? That's rough. Check the league settings. Maybe they have negative points for TDs.

I honestly would not be shocked if Lynch scored more TDs than Spiller + Charles. Both of those guys had good years, but are going to totally new offenses. Hard to draft with confidence in those situations. Lynch is a known quantity at this point. The one alarming aspect of Lynch was his workload last year. Don't forget that he played in the playoffs, so he really had 351 rushes and 27 receptions (plus maybe a little bit of preseason work).

Ive said it elsewhere...its the Rudi Johnson effect.

Predictable steady back that has a ceiling lower than those they are drafting ahead of him.

He is not flashy...but gets the job done.


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