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Ben Tate To IR (2 Viewers)

There goes my championship. Now I have to start Moreno, who I am rapidly starting to lose confidence in. His YPC has been atroicious lately and Ball seems to be in a lot.

Not that he was probably going to get paid big bucks anyway, but this doesn't help his FA value in the offseason.

Does this give Johnson a bump up?
I grabbed him not knowing what I am going to do with my RB situation. This is what Roto had to say about him.

Ben Tate (ribs) was placed on injured reserve Wednesday. Johnson will handle the bulk of the work, and Deji Karim is the new No. 2. Chad Spann will likely get the call up from the practice squad to fill the No. 3 role. The Broncos have allowed the ninth-most fantasy points to opposing running backs this season. Look for Denver to blow Houston out, forcing the Texans to pass for much of the afternoon. Johnson could see a lot of targets out of the backfield. He needs to be owned in 14-team leagues as player who should dominate touches. Dec 18 - 2:24 PM

Is DJohnson good in pass pro? How good of a desperation play is Karim?
I wouldn't put Karim anywhere Near my lineup. The Houston O-Line hasn't been playing well at all. I expect Sundays game to be the "Schaub Show" and be pretty pass-heavy. Doesn't mean the texans offense will do well. Dennis Johnson might get 60 yards but I wouldn't bank on a TD. When Schaub runs the offense, they always stall in the Red Zone and settle for FGs.
Despite finishing the 2012 season at Arkansas as the leader in rushing yards (757) and rushing touchdowns (8), Johnson was always overshadowed by the team’s starting back, Knile Davis. Johnson made the most of his opportunities in 2011 when he was named the starter in place of the injured Davis. In 2012, when Davis returned, Johnson’s carries continued to increase until he was named starter once again.

At 5-7 and 193 pounds, the 23-year old Johnson says he brings speed and toughness to the running game. A self-proclaimed physical player, Johnson laughed when asked if his size had ever been a challenge in his style of play.

Man I'm torn. I'm very weak at RB and was going to have to roll out Joique Bell as my #2 to McCoy. Is DJ worth the start now? Do I flex Bell over Cordarelle Patterson?


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