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Ben Watson - Any Value? (1 Viewer)

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I drafted Watson as my #2 after reading a TEBC article in the pre-season before Brady got injured. Do you think he has any value nowadays? He seems like a good dump-off option for Cassel but this will be his first week of action.

Any thoughts on this forgotten TE?

Seems like this guy is never healthy. I drafted him a year ago as a potential stud TE. He started only 8 games. Now Watson hasn't been able to prepare himself for the season and Brady is hurt. I'm starting to lose patience and it's frustrating considering my other option is Donald Lee.

Watson is a fast, athletic TE that can burn a D down the field. His speed creates matchup problems when covered by LBs. However, as noted, he's had injury problems throughout his time in NE, and he hasn't shown the consistent hands I'd like to see from a guy that could be a security blanket type of receiver for his QB.

I don't think he's startable in most leagues, including 12-team TE mandatory leagues. At this point, he may be a bye week fill-in, at best. If he starts to show signs of developing consistency, he could move up to a TE10-12 type player. I don't think the NE offense will use enough TE looks to move anyone to the elite level anytime soon.

his attraction when brady was playing was that they scored a ton, so he'd be getting endzone looks every week.

I have no problem w/cassell, but I doubt they'll be scoring as many td's, and as of right now it looks like they'll be trying to run more in instead of throwing, so I think I'd let him sit on the bench and watch what happens.

Watson will be playing today, so I guess we'll see. Seems like he'd be a good option for Cassell when he gets into trouble - which was fairly often last week.

another thing to bear in mind is that if they're in 2 te sets, my guess is watson blocks while thomas is the receiver.

but that's just my guess.

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