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Beta Testers Needed for FBG Mobile Apps (1 Viewer)


iPad 3/ "new ipad"

Am a software Architect and been a developer for many years. Very happy to help and see what I can break.

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I am in....Samsung galaxy s2

Also have an I.pad.

I work for cheap..no complain sir.

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I'd be game. iphone4, ipad 4 (or whatever they're calling the current generation), and an Asus Transformer


We are designing some very cool applications for mobile markets (Apple/Android tablets and phones). Here is the full press release discussing our acquisition of GoAheadScore technologies:


By the middle of April we expect to begin testing some of these apps on the Apple platforms and testing across Android platforms in the weeks/ months after that.

We are looking for 40-50 people that will be willing to attempt to crash these apps in every way possible. Specifically we are looking to test on as many devices as possible so that we eliminate as many errors as possible before fully releasing into the Apple/Android markets.

Those that help us with this (submit a minimum number of feedback reports to us) will be given a 1 year subscription (or adding a year to their existing subscription). We are also looking to add a designation to your FBG Message Board Id showing that you were part of the App Development Process. A few from this core team will likely also be used to guide us with some of our other mobile efforts in the future.

Specifically we are looking for the following testers: 2 for each iOS device would be perfect (iPad 2, 3, 4, iPad mini, iPhone 4, 4S, 5) - so at least 14 - and for Android, as many different devices as we can get - ideally again 2 for each. Must all be Android 4+ - We will not be supporting Android 3 because it no longer has enough of a market share.

If interested, please respond in this thread (or send a PM to David Dodds) with the following:

Devices you own that you can test on:

What you would bring to the team:

Upon selection of the team, we will also require your full name and email address.
In i have the htc evo and asus tablet both android......amazing how many people have the i phone/ ipad
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I have a HTC One X

I work as a Tech Support Manager for a retail company, so I understand working with users with, shall we say, a wide range of technical skills

I can help if you have room

Galaxy S III 4.1.2

Have always been able to take apart anything and put it back together with a hand full of parts not needed IMHO.

iPhone 4, iTouch 4th generation

I'm an engineer who designs operator interfaces and troubleshoots for a living, and I use lots of the FBG tools (Rate My Team, My Team page (multiple parts of this), rankings tables, Draft Dominator, Trade Dominator. I play dynasty, IDP, and redraft, so I hit things from multiple angles. I'm in a beta test for a game I play online (Warlight) and have given feedback there for around a year now.

May be willing to help... Ipad3 wifi. Fbg's subscriber for a long time. Not an official programmer or anything but a self proclaimed techie. Willing to give apps a shot and honestly critique. Have used all fbg's programs and also trie ff draft gm last year.

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I got an ipad 3 and for my qualification I write the most IT help desk tickets at work. Meachem is still on my roster so you know I'll be using the app.

I can do ipad 2 and droid razor max

Very good with tech stuff. Also on the computer or ipad. Good at takin stuff apart and modding. Pretty much anything

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iPhone 5

Reasons why me:

I've actually got experience testing and conducting user testing for debugging purposes. One project I'm currently involved with is crowdscribed.com, if you want an example. My team (3 others) has been attempting to crash various functions of this site as its updated constantly for the last month, finding and then reporting all errors to our site developers.

I'd be happy to test, I've got an iPhone 4s and an iPad 2 (and an old 3GS my daughter is using, if you considered on extending support back that far). I'm a programmer (web stuff, not mobile stuff), so I bring a little to the table in knowing how code operates and in terms understanding how important it is to document the steps required to reproduce the errors. Where I'm limited is that the 2nd week of April and the last weekend in May, I'll be out of town and in conferences that will keep me busy all day so I won't be able to provide feedback at those points. Also, if you're wanting testing into July, my wife is pregnant and due in July. After that, my feedback will only be as good as the sleep I get, which I'm expecting to be iffy.

IPad2 and HTC Sensation 4G.

I am a professional UI developer, UI designer and a UX (User Experience) specialist at a large IT consulting company. I can provide feedback not only on the technical issues of the apps, but on the overall UI and the usability of the applications as well. Over 20 years of IT experience.

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Droid 4 and a Kindle Fire, both running Android JB ROMs. Never had a "stock" device before, or they remain stock until I open the box and get it charged... Very much a techie and willing to participate.

Totally willing to test the mobile apps.

Here is the list of items I have in the house to test with:

Iphone 5

Iphone 4s

Ipad 1st generation

Ipad 2

Ipad newest generation

I also have two android phones in my house that can also test with.

Big tech family: Plus, currently working as a systems analysis for the largest ball bearing company in the world. Part of the team that does all the testing for the computer systems for both usa and international divisions.

Just email me at fflmaster@aol.com if needed.

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Samsung Galaxy S Epic - Sprint 4G

Platform: Android 2.3, Gingerbread OS

What I can bring: Will fool around with app everyday... also I grew up with this stuff

I'm on for sure!! I've waited for this for a very long time. Literally, I was doing a Jordan-esque fist pump when I was reading the email. I've got an iPhone 4, iPad 2, and I'm days away from getting a Note 2.

Thanks for all the help on this, Guys. You'll be a big part of making this thing a success. Much thanks.


I am am iPhone 5 user. I would love to help if you still need testers. I know I could be a nice addition to the team. I am always on my device, and I have excellent problem solving and writing skills so I could really work with the app and submit detailed reports about what I am experiencing. Furthermore, I rely on my iphone to do everything in my daily life (including writing lesson plans and reports), so I am a highly-seasoned user.

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I'd like to test if you need me.

iPhone 4S and iPad 2.

I read the message boards every day, both via web browser (iPad) and the FBG Mobile app (iPhone), and have been a paying member for years.

I am co-commissioner of a complex contract style league. We can sign players for up to five years under a salary cap, but cutting a player causes a penalty based on a discounted value of the remaining years on the contract. I have to work up my own pretty intricate valuation and draft lists for this league, and I've done a lot of work in and out of the draft dominator to reflect how the league works. So I'll push to the limit whatever draft or auction functionality is going in this app.

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Willing to help

HTC Thunderbolt, but can switch out to Razr Maxx HD if needed

Tablet: Motorola Xoom.

Wife: IOs 4

Verizon Employee, I can usually gain some access to devices :)

iPhone 4s

Was a beta tester for Rate My Team

Developing a SW reliability testing process for a fortune 500 company. Published papers on identification of SW failure modes.

I have a Samsung S3 Galaxy and access to my wife's iPhone4.

I also have experience in usability testing and UX design.

Happy to help, especially since I've been hounding you for the past 4 or 5 years for app access.

Apple 4S

Ipad 2

I'm the director of methods and applications on the business side of a very large corporation. I know what is necessary to test out the tools and how to scenario run through the product. Whether you have me help or not, I highly encourage building some simple scripts or guidelines for your beta group, as well as a forum for them to share fails/errors that can be re-tested by others.


I abuse the #### out of my iPhone 4s.... running tons of different apps, flipping back and forth, and essentially draining the battery twice per day due to heavy use.You want a power user? I'm your huckleberry.

(have an ipad 1 under the roof too).

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I'd be willing to help out.

Iphone4 and "the new iPad" (iPad 3?).

also could do testing on an iPad 2 and Galaxy 3.

I'd love to help out. Iphone 5, Iphone 4, and Ipad. Have worked in the technology industry for a number of years, big time techie. Sounds like a blast!

Just discovered this topic a couple months late when i went searching to see what happened to my favorite app from last year. :)

Would love to help beta test - I have an iPhone 5, iPad (3rd gen), and iPad mini.

I am bumping this thread to announce that we are 7-10 days out to begin testing the Draft GM product for Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Mini iPad). I apologize in advance that we are testing a bit later than originally anticipated, but I think everyone is going to be excited about the product we created.

Because the Apple review process is much more stringent than for the Android marketplaces, we are beginning our testing with Apple's iOS first. Everyone that posted in this thread (above this post or sent me a PM), look for a PM from me shortly announcing that you have been picked for the team.

These PMs will just be going out for Apple testers first. Don't fret if you have other devices. We will need your services as well.



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