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Boykin/Jones - Green Bay Homers? (1 Viewer)


What is everyone doing with Boykin? I see JJ practiced yesterday. Any GB homers have insight on this situation? If JJ is back, I really don't want to play Boykin. I'd rather take my chances with Torrey or Olsen. Anyone have more insight to this? Thanks...

Jones did practice, but everything is really going to hinge on how he feels today. I'd watch the reports today to see if you hear anything definitively.

That said, even if Jones is back he will not be 100% and he will not get his full compliment of snaps. Boykin will play his fair share for sure.

I would play Boykin whether Jones plays or not. Rodgers is going to spread it around and the two options you listed are not really that exciting to begin with.

I would go with Boykin, he should start and Rogers loves the kid. Jones if he plays, would be on a snap count, but I think they hold Jones out for one more week.

I just replaced Boykin with Stills- GB will be running the ball a lot, prob trying to work their TEs in, and I worry about how may balls there are to go around.

Cobb, Jones and Nelson all did well together and that was with Finley.

Boykin, Jones and Nelson can all do well together, too... plus they without Finley.

Really simple actually.

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Jones' injury was always a 2 week thing. And McCarthy said he's a very fast healer. I expect jones to play and play well. There will still be room for Boykin to get his but expect him to be the inconsistent one in the offense with jones and Nelson at full strength.


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