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Bragging, venting, crowing, grieving... (2 Viewers)

Gotta love owning Decker and watch him drop an easy 1st down to close it out only to see the guy you're playing against owns Thomas who goes 80yds the next play. Ugh.

Down 66-0 watching Peyton go ape for my rival.

Torrey Smith 4-92 13 points is OK but not happy with it in another league.

Watching all these Broncos post numbers and other teams start hot.

Told myself if I got 30 points from Rice and Demaryious Thomas combined, Id be happy. Got 33 from D. Thomas alone, I am a happy chick

Thank goodness the league I'm facing Peyton in only rewards 4 points for a passing TD for 40 points total and my D. Thomas scored 24 to keep me in the game.

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Two big money leagues. I have Peyton and Welker in one and D. Thomas in another and not going against

Peyton in any leagues, life is good so far.

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Faced the Denver D. Ill take the ten they scored compared the the 18 they would have scored if that amazing goal line fumble celebration didn't happen.

Faced the guy with Manning, I have Welker, so that helped somewhat counterbalance the barrage of TDs from Manning.

I also have the Denver D/ST and that bonehead fumble cost me 6 pts. If I lose by less than 6 pts I'm going to be livid. :rant:

Here's bragging and venting all in one post :)

1.01 Guy showed up for our draft an hour late. He picked ADP first, but wasn't there by the time we got to the 2/3 swing. I took Peyton for him and he whined about it the rest of the night.

Hope he enjoys 1-0...

Not real sure why i play fantasy football, manning could have thrown 12 tds last night and decker wouldn't have caught 1. He had more drops than catches, so glad i drafted him..NOT! Now that welker is there decker can kiss his looks goodbye after all the drops.

went against Peyton and Decker........ I did have D. Thomas.....still down 45
Same here, but only down 15 since it is a 4 pt per passing TD. With the rest of our teams, I should survive since I have one more player left and a much better team. Thanks DT. I have him in 2 of 3 leagues and would have picked him in the 3rd except there was a crazy WR run in the 1st round and none of the studs were available at the turn. I had DT in that league last year. Every other league I was in was RB heavy early, but not that one.

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Pretty good start to my season.

Peyton: 55

D. Thomas: 44

T. Smith: 13

Total: 112

Opponent has Eric Decker. 5 points. Oof.

I'm glad I didn't laugh out loud when Welker was the 5th WR drafted in this league. Not looking like a terrible pick after all.

Out of my 10 leagues, 3 free, 7 pay.

Against Peyton in a free league.

Own welker and Torrey in a few pay.

Against Torrey in a couple.

Down in a free one but up in my pay. Ill take it!!!

I own Welker in 3 leagues and started him in all. I own D.Thomas in 2 and obviously started him in both. I even have both in my main league.

I have DEN RB's scattered across leagues, and kept all on the bench.

I don't own Decker in any leagues.

I did not face Welker or D.Thomas or Manning in a single league.

I faced J.Thomas in one, but I had Welker on that team so it's not too bad.

Good start...good start.

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Ran into Manning, T. Smith, D. Thomas, Prater, and Denver DEF. I don't think I've ever lost a game before any of my guys played.

I don't have the sob/happy story since I neither faced nor started Peyton/DThomas/JThomas/Welker. I'm just sitting here sad that I "played it safe" in the first round by drafting Ray Rice. With Pierce getting this much action, it is virtually impossible to hope for Rice to be any better than bottom part of top 12 RBs. No upside for better than that unless Pierce gets injured. Yeah, I KNEW that on draft day, but I still took Ray, hoping the receptions could give him top 5 upside. But with no one to take defensive attention away w/in 10 yds of the LOS (w/ Pitta hurt), Ray's YPR is gonna stink. And if/when Pierce gets goal line love?? My head will explode.

In one of my Zealots leagues, among my other starters this week I have Peyton and Demaryius.

Life is good.

Didn't go against Peyton in any leagues, and the only receiver I had to face was Decker :cool:

Also managed to scoop up J. Thomas in two leagues where he was unowned (Cameron is my only TE in both).

So....any chance Aaron Rodgers can do what Peyton did? I need that and either Amendola or Vincent Brown to do what Thomas did and ill win

Awesome when one of your starting running backs loses his job first game of season, thanks ridley you !#@!!#@!#!@#@!

In one league I have (and started) Peyton Manning, Adrian Peterson, and A.J. Green. :pickle: (Too bad it wasn't my money league!)

Ugh, live projections have me as the 2nd highest scoring team by a large margin. Ofcourse I am playing the top team. I remember now why fantasy football is so frustrating!

I had cj spiller,roddy , z sudfeld for Gronk til he gets back and got skunked..... who would have thought spiller/white would play that poorly that sucks

0-3 even though I'm in the top half of scoring in each. Oh well. My day, I swear it, will come. Oh yes, it will.

I faced a buzzsaw this week while having the second highest score. My opponents had Peyton, Fitz, Davis, Boldin

I sighed when Julius Thomas scored 28 points for my bench. I gnashed my teeth when Jordan Cameron followed with another 25.80 points for my bench. I whooped when Jared Cook then scored 31.10 points for my starters.

May lose despite having kapernick, luck, adp, gore, nelson, cook all because of david ####in wilson. -3 pts? Really. Now only up 5 with my garcon vs djax and gates


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