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So great I could play against Swift when he actually finishes a game. Going against Jefferson too was bad enough. To top it off, AJB gets a TD and has it called back and puts up a dud. Not fun to lose before it's even Sunday.

Going back in to retirement from fantasy football is sounding great again.
As if Thursday night wasn't bad enough, I was actually catching up until I faced Kyren Williams today. After getting gashed by Swift and Williams in the same week, I think my will is broken.

It was such a long wait for this season to get here, and it's quickly going down the toilet 😢😢😢
Unless one of the players going tonight scores a league-record # of points, I'm going to be the 3rd highest scoring team after two weeks and will be 0-2. I've had 20% more points scored against me than anyone else. I think Russell Wilson scored more FF points yesterday than he did all last season - against me, of course.

Barring injuries, I still think my team will be fine. (feel free to bump this comment when I whine about being 2-8)
New to an existing Keeper League - where you keep 3 players the following year for a 50% increase to their salary taking away from your draft $.

The only keepers I could toil with holding onto were Brian Robinson ($8) and Breece Hall ($33). I overspent on guys, because I was at such a disadvantage with guys keeping JaMarr Chase and Justin Jefferson for $6 and $9. I had to take Johnathon Taylor and Cooper Kupp as a league winning dice roll with their massive discount. The overspending and balancing value left me with zero $1 keeper potential rookies. Enter last week, where I attacked the Waiver Wire and thought maybe I was dumb for bidding on Kyren Williams ($6) after bidding 25% of FAB for Puka Nacua.

I landed both of them and battled insomnia around 4AM on waiver day - checked waivers - pulled Roschon Johnson for free.

This week I scored 205 points, first place by 50+ points. Barring anything catostrophic I'll have potential keepers of:

Kyren Williams ($9)
Brian Robinson ($14)
Roschon Johnson ($1)

I know these names aren't super attractive but they look like they're going to get their fair share of work. The top 10 RB's go for $50 and beyond in the draft... if I can keep 3 RB's for under $25 going into next season, I should be able to form a pretty decent roster.
Before the season, I made a pretty big dynasty trade to get Burrow that I’m still waiting to pan out but am not panicking.

While draft assets were also involved, I included the following players to make the deal happen : Aaron Rodgers, Cam Akers, & Kyle Pitts.

With what’s happened to Rodgers and Akers, I’m feeling fortunate as heck right now even in spite of Burrow’s slower start.
Going to end up losing by 1.5. Olave getting up and running on the long catch or not stepping out of bounds would have been great. 0-2 in the league I'm defending with the second highest score this week :lol:
Coming into the season, you might think this team is pretty good, right?



AJ Brown


0-2. Where exactly should I upgrade?
Lol, having more than 1 viable RB option might be the spot. Your team will be fine after next week.
Plugged Zack Moss in this week off the waiver wire, who was somehow more productive than either AJB or Waddle through two weeks.
14 Team Dynasty:

Team in my league had Gibbs, Etienne, Stevenson, Javonte, Akers, Mattison, Pacheco before the season

Traded Stevenson and Javonte for Chubb
Traded Etienne for JLove
Loses Chubb
Akers traded to MN with Mattison

Left with Gibbs and Pacheco basically... talk about a rough start to the season
Chubb fell to me in both my redrafts. Ekeler 5/12 and Barkley 8/10 in the other. Didn't plan on drafting old school like that but you can't let value get past you when it comes. It was a trap. All good vibes to Nick Chubb as he works through another painful rehab.
It sucks to lose Chubb, but at least I can deal with it and move on. My problem is what to do with Burrow. With scraps left at QB, I will be lucky to snag Kenny Pickett.

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