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Brian Urlacher (1 Viewer)


Can he keep up the pace he's on of 1 sack per game? I didn't think it was possible but then I looked at the Bears schedule going forward and it looks pretty favorable for sacks. 16 sacks by a linebacker would be ridiculous.

Bump. Any thoughts? Bears homers or anyone else, can he keep this pace up?My estimate is that he finishes the season with 12-14 sacks (assuming he plays all 16 games). 6-8 sacks in the last 10 games seems very doable, considering he has 11.5 sacks in his last 15 games.Edit to add that I ask this because I haven't watched every Bears snap this season, so am not sure how many of his 6 sacks thus far have come in garbage time. I know at least one of them against the Vikings did, as I saw the end of that game. Therefore, my estimate could be way off. That's why I want some homers thoughts on it.

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he'll finish the season with 13 in my opinion...he gets his every game, but his health may keep him awayy from the 20+ range


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