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Building a Keeper League powerhouse? is it luck? (1 Viewer)


Background: As mentioned in the Dynasty team thread there are many different leagues out there. This is geared toward those who participate in a 12- 16 team league protecting 2 keepers following each season. Draft is traditional format w/ no snake and no rookie draft. All ONE! I will use my league as the example stated. Participants are reluctant to trade since its $10 and players hold WAY too much value in the owner's eyes. Scoring: Td's based on yardage they were, 1 pt for every 10 yds. WR/RB/TE, 1 pt. per 25 yds. passing 350 yd bonus, while the rest is basic. 14 QB's, 7 RB's, and 3 WR's in the top 25 scoring.

Start: 1 QB, 1 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 D, and Flex (any)

The Guts:

Protecting 2 players does leave enough talent throughout the first 3 rds. Guys like Brees, Leftwich, Plummer, J. Lewis, Barber, McGahee and virtually any WR (other than T.O) are available. Typically everyone keeps a stud QB and RB (Brady/ SJax). What would your recipe for success be going into a draft scenerio? With those players available do you take Bush in the 1st rd amidst all these experienced players or do you jump on the once in 10 yrs someone like this comes along hype and keep Bush?? Last seasons draft was like follow the leader until the 5 or 6 rd. Do you want to break from trend right from the start? WR, WR first 2 rds be crazy?? With TE's becoming an intriguing offensive weapon when do you take one? Yes I used my league and keepers as an example but I am just trying to get a better grasp on the concept of different leagues and the strategy behind them. Your response is appreciated...


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In leagues like this it is paramount to get two studs to keep. Since you can keep them for indefinitely, this is the core of your team. Sell out your entire draft, if you have to, to get a guy like Bush. He will be the core of your team for years.

You didn't give your scoring or lineup requirements, so assuming a start 2 RB league, I would try to work myself into getting 2 stud RB to keep. All else can come in the yearly draft.

Since you would have your two starters at RB, while everyone who doesn't have 2 RBs is trying to scoop the "best of the rest" at RB in the first few rounds for starters, you can be picking the best that is available at the other requireed positions.

1) trade up to get one of SA, LJ, or LT (maybe Portis).

2) trade up in your rookie draft to get Bush.

everything else is secondary.


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