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Buy Ingram with Smallwood/Gallman? 16 teamer-- Leave Link (1 Viewer)


Would you guys trade Smallwood and Wayne Gallman (this is a 16 team league and I added him prior to his game) to the owner of a RB stable that consists of Jordan Howard, Ingram (Week 5 bye), Perkins (hurt/sucks), Jeremy Hill. 

So Smallwood, Gallman for Ingram. 

I am both a fan of Ingram (ATL NYJ ATL playoffs) and Smallwood, with Gallman being a bit of a carrot to make the trade sweeter for the Perkins owner. Also frees up a spot for me to continue finding the next waiver gem (I'm killing it this season). I would then use one of the open spot to try to get another piece of this week's decent WW pie. (Lacy, Latavius, Aaron Jones-- Ty insurance, Elijah Mcguire, etc)

Leave a link! 

My team is listed below. 

16 team league- .5 PPR redraft


QB Aaron Rodgers

RB (2) Freeman, Ty Montgomery, Tarik Cohen, Smallwood, Alex Collins, Gallman

WR (2)  Martavis Bryant, Pierre Garcon, Tyrell Williams, Josh Gordon

TE Ertz, ASJ

RB/WR/TE - Best Matchup

D Jacksonville

K Tucker

It's an alright trade, I don't see much of an issue with it. Ingram will give you steady RB3 numbers with the potential for RB2 production on occasion. Smallwood is probably going to be more boom/bust RB2/RB4. I wouldn't value Gallman at much of anything, even in a 16 team league.

That said, why aren't you looking to move your good fortune at RBs for some better WRs? I saw your WRs and threw up in my mouth a little bit.

Sometimes there's someone you want and you go and get them, Ingram is that guy for me. It will be him and Kamara left at the end of the year. He's already killing them in snap counts. 

I'm okay with two WR of those 3 starting each week and will move another RB and WR for a better WR when I can, namely, when their values have balanced out again. I was trying to move ty Mont for a top 12ish WR prior to his injury, and gauged the market on wrs. It was quiet out there. Everyone is on Kamara but it's Ingram in there icing the game and playing 53% of snaps this season (he played 46% last season and hit multiple career highs). He's one of my biggest buy lows. I'm just here to gauge if my opinions on gallman (low ceiling RB3 type optimistically) and Smallwood (high floor RB2 type) are deemed better collectively than Ingram (playoff darling and high floor RB2)

I'd rather have the Ingram side of that offer.  Gallman is too unknown and Smallwood is going to be hit or miss as long as Blount is in there bludgeoning defenses


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