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Cameron Wake (1 Viewer)

Sinn Fein

Anyone have any info on this guy - I read the Dolphins want to use him at weak-side LB.

Bottom line, is he worth a FA pick up in a typical dynasty league - i.e. will he ever develop into a consistent LB1-2?

The Miami Dolphins signed two-time CFL defensive player of the year Cameron Wake and safety Ethan Kilmer.



It's another textbook move, the type of signing that has become the defining way in which vice president of football operations Bill Parcells tries to turn around teams.

Whether or not Canadian Football League sackmaster Cameron Wake will make a successful transition into the NFL remains to be seen, but the Dolphins are the team wanting anxiously to give him his shot.

Wake, 25, a two-time CFL defensive player of the year with 39 sacks over the past two seasons, signed a four-year deal that includes nearly $1 million in guarantees. The overall deal is worth nearly $3.6 million.

Make no mistake: Miami isn't treating Wake as an experimental project -- but instead as a prospect it believes will be an impact player as a pass-rushing linebacker in the NFL. Wake will now have the chance to learn under current linebacker Joey Porter.

Wake is 6-3, 240 pounds, the type of big-bodied, workout junkie that Parcells and general manager Jeff Ireland crave. He played his two seasons in the CFL with the British Columbia Lions.

Penn State fans will remember Cameron as Derek Wake. He changed his name to Cameron the first time he was out of the NFL. At PSU He was a monster athlete but played out of position in college. as evidenced in the CFL, he has the talents to be a good speed rusher off the edges and rack up some sacks. he had issues in college playing in space (int's/pass coverage) that was several years ago though. FWIW.

defeinetley worth a look , he was a beast in the cfl and could emerge as a solid pass rushing OLB. if you have the room to store him.

I live in Vancouver, the hometown of the BC Lions... and Wake was a beast for us the last couple years... he just blew up O-lines all year... I would definitely pick him up, especially since the Fins may let Free Agetn LB Channing Crowder walk...

Wake is a freakish athlete. Going to Miami is really an ideal situation for Wake as he's too small to play traditional 4-3 DE, 3-4 OLB suits him great.

For IDP purposes, i think his only chance of being a LB2 is if your leagues scoring system rewards sacks/forced fumbles heavily, but even LB2 is a long shot. In deep leagues i would pick him up, but in shallower leagues i'd rather take the "wait and see" approach.


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