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CBS Sportsline projects Matt Prater to go 0-1 on FG's (1 Viewer)


Okay, I got onto my CBS league site to set my lineup and the "Guru" lists Matt Prater with a projection of -3.0 points this week (my league gives negative points for misses based on distance). I thought it was a typo, so I went to the kicker projections list. Prater is projected to go 0 for 1 on field goals and make 1 extra point. :shock:

So then I go check the projections for the other Denver players. Cutler is projected to throw for just over 300 yards, but only 1 touchdown. The three running backs are projected to run for 130 yards, but no touchdowns. So I just want to prepare the Denver fans for frustration, because apparently the CBS projector uses a crystal ball. Your team will have over 430 yards of total offense, 1 turnover, and average over 8 yards per pass attempt, but manage only 7 points, though they will get in field goal range one other time, only to have Prater pull it wide.

Even better, the rest of the league's kickers are projected to go a combined 51 of 54. The projected #1 kicker this week? Josh Brown of Saint Louis, who will kick 3 field goals and 2 extra points. For those that thought the Giants-Rams game would be a snoozer, think again. The CBS Sports crystal ball foresees a last minute 24-23 win by the Giants.

Dodds definitely needs to include CBS Sports in his projections evaluation.

They also have Andre Johnson projected for 20 points this week, but they have him switched to a bye. I trust nothing that CBS says. Who the hell can project kickers anyhow besides going off just the pure matchup?

I do use them for 2 leagues though :lmao:

CBS is good for their commish services but you absolutely cannot use them for analysis, projections, etc. Same goes for every fantasy sport they carry. Go elsewhere.


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