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Hopefully those of you using cbssportsline.com for your fantasy leagues now what I'm talking about. You know the "Cover Story" that league members can post on the front page of your league website? Is it possible to set it up to have more than one at a time? I'm in an active league where many owners post cover stories, and it would be nice to be able to post more than one at a time rather than having to wait, or bump someone elses.

To my knowledge it's not possible to have multiple stories up at the top at the same time. A league post bumps the CBS story into the CBS qeue and league articles into the league qeue. They are always accessible though. My stories from several years ago are still in the qeue, though they are now at the bottom. Just remind your guys that they are there if they disappear rather quickly.

Did you know that you can post a video also? There is a thread here somewhere in which it explains how to do it.


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