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Chargers O-Line (1 Viewer)

Steeler Bräu

Yes I know it was just a few series of the first preseason game. But I'm wondering if S.D. Line may be better than originally expected. Thought they provided a nice pocket and gave Rivers time to make reads. Also provided an ok push for run blocking. Not saying they'll be one of the better lines this year. Just thinking they may not be as bad as predicted. Thoughts???

I think they will at least look better because of the emphasis of the new offense to get the ball out of Rivers hands as soon as possible instead of trying to get long plays down field, but I don't think the OL is really improved very much. Fluker should help in the run game but I still don't think they can pass block.

Never been a big fan of the "Well, they are better this year 'cos they can't be as bad as last year!" argument, but it does keep expectations pretty low. Instead of 32nd best OL they may crawl up to 30th or so if Fluker can prove he has enough quickness to be an NFL tackle. They don't have hope of even being average at any other spot on the OL imo.


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