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Chris Carson Retires (1 Viewer)

Dr. Octopus

NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reports that RB Chris Carson has retired from the NFL due to his neck injury. 

Carson ran for a combined 2,381 yards between the 2018 and 2019 seasons, becoming something close to an RB1 in fantasy circles, but struggled to stay on the field as he dealt with the neck injury that eventually required surgical fusion. It's not entirely surprising to see him retire as most of the offseason chatter about him was focused on if he'd be able to play this season. Rapoport notes that Carson won't file retirement paperwork with the league just yet. This clears the way entirely for Rashaad Penny and Kenneth Walker in Seattle's backfield. 

Yeah this seemed to be obviously coming. You can't play around with a neck injury. He certainly got the most out of his talent. 
No doubt. The dude exemplified hard work, while also displaying that the best ability truly is availability.

he was consistently underrated as a running back, but his injuries, unfortunately, kept him off the field way too much to be reliable.

I will think of him fondly when I am making the likely top 4 2023 1st round pick I got for him in the 2021 preseason. :wub:  

Seemed like every year the last 3-4 seasons I ended up with more shares of him than any other player.  Always enjoyed watching Seattle games just to see him run hard.  Godspeed Mr. Carson and hope you heal up well. 

Carson was one of my favorite RBs to watch, and I'd have very much argued that NFL-wise he was one of the 10 best RBs of the last 5 years. Pretty damn good for a 7th round pick. Glad he got that decent 2nd contract, even if he wasn't able to play through much of it.

Helped propel me to a couple FF championships after I plucked him off the waiver wire.  Can't ask for more than that, sorry it had to end like this for him, but kudos to him for following his head instead of his heart.

Thought this during the season last year. Can't play around with the neck. Hopefully he saved enough for his life after football. 


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