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Chris Henry, WR Bungles... (1 Viewer)


His suspension is up after this week, correct? He is on the WW in every league I am in and I am thinking of grabbing him. Chad hasn't done anything and Housh has only had one good game. I think Henry should be a good WR 3 from week five out.

Anyone have any thoughts on this felon?

Picked him off the wire week 2. I traded for Ocho this week and decided to keep him as sort of an insurance policy.


Not a ringing endorsement.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008, 04:53 PM EST [bengals]

Today Marvin Lewis was asked about Chris Henry and the end of his suspension coming up. I believe the wording of the question was about a roster move that would be made to accomodate Henry's place on the roster.

"We will not have to make a move Monday with Chris Henry, so you can relax that one, too," Lewis said.

The question was rephrased about him being eligible to play after Sunday.

"I think he may be off suspension, but I don’t think that forces us to make a move," Lewis said.

The team could apply for a roster exemption which would allow Henry to practice with the team without a corresponding roster move. A roster move would have to be made before he could play.

If signed to the 53-man roster next week, he'd be eligible to play Oct. 5 at Dallas.

Last season, Henry was added to the active roster on the Monday following the end of his eight-game suspension.

* Also, another note -- Geoffrey Pope was signed to the practice squad.

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