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Chris Henry now eligible to play and with Palmer's arm issues, is Henry now being dropped in your league? Is he available? Will you go after him if he is available despite the question of Palmer's injury?

No one has made the move yet. With the pathetic bengals and their main 2 WR doing nada, I don't think anyone is figuring Henry to do much as the third WR. Add in Carson's injury...and yes he's still sitting on the wire.

(10 team league. 16 man rosters)

I rostered Henry two weeks ago but given Palmer's injury, I will be dropping him for another option. He's worthless in my eyes at the moment.

I've had him since the draft and don't plan on dropping him just yet as I have plenty of other options available. I can afford to sit on him for a while to at least see what might happen. The Palmer injury is a blow to my expectations for Henry, but you just never know.

Available in my league but Chad Johnson was dropped as well. The crazy part is I'm debating whether Johnson is even worth a roster spot. I think the Bengals are a mess right now and with Palmer's current status I'm hesitant to use any Bengals WR.

He is on the wire in my 12 team league with 18 player rosters. I thought maybe someone would try to pick him up this week but no one did.

I think the fact that Chad and Housh have been disappointments, and Palmer is now injured that owners in the league are taking a wait and see approach. They don't want to waste a roster spot on the guy until the Bengals offense starts to somewhat resemble what it used to look like. Basically no one wants to put a WR3 from a crappy offense on their team right now.


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