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Chris Ivory vs Golden Tate in PPR (1 Viewer)

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Gimme Tate. He's been getting all kinds of love during preseason and dude is just a little firecracker.

And I want nothing to do with the Jets.

Ivory could outscore him, but I'd take the 'risk' with Tate.

I think all of Goodson, Powell and Green represent at least some threat to Ivory's carries regardless of health. Throw in Ivory's health questions and that worry looms even larger.

That said, if Ivory holds three down duties and stays healthy I think he will outscore Tate simply by virtue of volume.

I guess the answer to the question depends on how much you are willing to gamble on Ivory's health.

Until Ivory proves otherwise, Tate is the safer play, and the one I'd likely go with.

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